March 21, 2006

Can't sleep.

Because I'm tired.

The same reason I eat when I'm not hungry. And that would be the same reason I talk when I have nothing to say. And speed when I'm not rushed and make mistakes when it's slow.


So I had this dream that my bestfriend robbed a bank. And I was hired to take down her operation. And I had to save all these peole that were with me because my bestfriend/convict was armed and dangerous. I finally confonted her in the bathroom of a german train station where she gave me what I came for: my car keys!! Because, DUH, that's why i was really hunting her down with a bus-load of scared old folks!

Now, still dreaming, i'm consoling monica about her time in the slammer, when i realize I'm late for WORK. Yes. WORK! I'm at work ON MY DAY OFF IN MY SLEEP!?

SO now i'm driving my mom's car to SPokane because she left it at my house when she visited (who knows what happened to work). Everything's fine and great until I have to go to the DMV cause I can't find my license. I walk up to the counter where some old guy writes a capital "I" on each hand and holds them up. I thought it was a make shift eye exam test so I said "uhh..I, I?" Well, turns out I was responsible for knowing some airplane signals!? WHatever that is... And then I woke up.

But seriously, why can't I sleep!?!?!?!


Mike said...

Decent sleep is a luxury I've done without for quite awhile. I guess I'm still some level.

Anonymous said...

I would say it is because all your friends are bank robbers! That would make anyone lose sleep.

And lose KEYS!

Hum....maybe you are stressed about always feeling like you are going to lose stuff.

Man, now I'm going to lose sleep!

Oh, just take a sleeping pill.

tee hee.

Billy said...

I do not know why you are not sleeping but I know that you can sleep.

Dear Father in Heaven help HG to sleep, in Jesus name amen