August 31, 2005


Back to my International Human Rights class. It's very likely that you will hear me talk a lot about this class because it has the most interesting group of people.

Well, interesting this is NOT...It's ANNOYING!

Typing on a laptop is ONLY acceptable in a PURELY lecture course. If it's necessary to take rampant notes for an entire 1.5 hrs, you may very well need to type them. HOWEVER!!, if it is a course designed for discussion, and everything you need to know is from the reading,...then YOU DON'T NEED A LAPTOP!!!


I was in the BACK of the room and was having trouble hearing, anyway. What I might have heard before was QUICKLY cut off at the pass by her keyboard diarrhea.

The girl that sat next to me was equally irritated. I saw her eyes dart over to Laptop-Lady and I whispered:

Me: " that not completely annoying?"

Her: "I wonder what she could be typing?" We had NO notes at this point.

Me: "Something on AIM."

And to set the record straight...she was a LOUD typer. The kind that lift their hands off the keyboard and take a breath before continuing. The kind that broadcast to the room the beginning of EVERY new sentence with 2 defiant pounds to the "space bar".


As if that's not enough.... she began to wrestle with her granola bar!? Right in the middle of discussing an important upcoming project. Not just any granola bar, the Natures Made granola bars in the cellophane wrapper! The kind of wrapper that you would never DARE open when you're trying to be descreet because it sounds like television static! Who is this chick!? And why does she hate me!? :*(

August 30, 2005

Another Day...


I haven't had this much reading.....well......EVER!

I'm so swamped and it's perfect timing. I spent all summer trying to find great, fun books to read and now that I have NO TIME for myself, I find 2! THey yell to me from the bookshelf...

Don't read that! Read me! :) They say about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.....

What about us? We're the ones with the clever, eye-candy covers?! Gosh, they're right!? WHere is the beautiful make-me-happy-jacket? The Foundation of American Education has got this all wrong:
Sigh....I'm sorry my poor darling chic-lits. You'll just have to wait. : /


Now,about my International Human RIghts class. I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work out. I started the first book called"Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Accounts" It's about the Nazi concentration camps.......

May, 1944. Inside each of the locked cattle cars ninety people were jammed. The stench of the urinal buckets, which were so full they overflowed, made the air unbreathable......"

That's how Chapter 1 begins and it only gets more tragic and horrible. You can click on the link to see the inside of the book.

I want laughs and love...not death and despair. :(

First Day Back!

I'll try to make this quick! :) In a hurry.

My second period teacher was wearing a long dress that buttoned all the way up the front. When she sat down, I think the guy in the front row could see straight up it. This is only speculation...but from my angle, FAR right..but FAR left of her, It seemed like you'd be able to. WHen I glanced at the guy right in front of her, he was looking around for someone else to notice the same thing. :)

Third Period: International Human Rights

Ok, have you ever seen Legally Blonde? I'm not like Elle Woods, but I felt like her in this class!

We had to go around the room and tell our majors and why we took the class. I was a 4-8th Grade General Education Major that HAD to take this class. Almost everyone else was as follows:

"Hi, I'm _________. I'm majoring in criminal justice with a double minor in German and International Studies, and I'm taking this class because I'm on the board of amnesty international and I want to write my disertation on International Human Rights. I don't know whether I want to get my law degree or my phd first."


On top of that! We were in some room the size of a shoebox and were crammed into a two layered circle. Some guy brought his freaking dog!?!

1/2 Basset Hound 1/2 Terrier!? lol I'm not kidding. It looked like a basset hounds body, with a terriers head!? EEK!

August 29, 2005


My very adorable blog-friend KV has just moved to London to attend LBS We are OH so proud of him and to show my…umm…proudness, I wanted to make him a translation guide for fitting in over in the UK. (

Here you are KV!

I have to use the bathroom............I have to pop into the loo.

My cell phone.........................................My mobile. (with a long i)

What a freaking mess!...............................What a bloody mess!

He/She’s SO RUDE!..............................He/She’s absolutely VILE!

my apartment? flat?

Is she crazy!?....................................................Has she gone mad?

That’s really nice!.............................................That’s quite nice!

_ _ _ _ -off...............................................................Sod-off!

That’s pretty nice........................................That’s rather nice.

Have relations with.....................................................Shag.

My knickers.

Watch the telly.

Hope these help Kv. I feel I'm quite the Seeing that I've never been to London.

Also, if anyone missed my post about my new book on tape, you won’t be surprised that the book is read by a woman with a British accent. Lol.

Yay! Another GREAT remake!

As if the first one wasn't good enough!? Loved it then and LOVE it now! :)

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August 28, 2005


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School Starts tomorrow.... :(

LONG day tomorrow! First day of school...and HUGE line for books. I'll let you know what I spend.

Now, I'm sure you're all just dying to know what classes I'm taking:

Fundamental Curriculum

Reading/ Writing 4-8

Music Education

International Human Rights

Exploring Diversity

Language/ Literature-Diverse (ESL)

18 credits. Wish me luck.

August 27, 2005

Cchek tihs out! You wno't blievee it! :)

Thanks to Jomama for reminding me of this cool thing! :)

" I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer inwaht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt."


It is SOOOOOO hot here! I can't even breathe......

Yesterday it was about 100 and today it is, supposedly, 98. BUT IT FEELS LIKE IT'S about 350. You could bake brownies in our garage if you wanted to.

August 26, 2005

This is how poor I am...

I was browsing on line for something and came accross a poetry competition. I've never written poetry in my life, so I didn't take it seriously. I wrote a poem about my scary plane ride in about 10 minutes. It was beyond lame! Seriously!

I just got a letter back (and I'm quoting):

Dear Humor,

After carefully reading and discussing your poem, our Selection Committee has certified your poem as a semi-finalist in our International Open Poetry Contest. Your poem will automatically be entered into the final competition held in September 2005. As a semi-finalist, you now have an excellent chance of winning one of 104(are you ready for this) cash or gift prizes--including the $1,000.00 Grand Prize...blahblahblahblahblahblah.....

On top of making it to the next "round" (whatever crud that may be) they are "publishing" my poem in some book. lol. This poem is so trite, you guys, and should not be in a BOOK as is! If I could rewrite it, that would be one thing...but to publish what I have!? It looks like a jr higher wrote it! I wonder if this is all a load? They didn't ask for who knows.

LOL! Will Ferrell is SOOOOOO hilarious!

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August 24, 2005

This is for my ladies!!!

Ok, I noticed that a lot of you ladies had no idea who my celebrity crush was. This called for some attention.

This is the beautiful Patrick Dempsey! :)

You may know him from Sweet Home Alabama:

The HBO movie Iron Jawed Angels:

THE CLASSIC Can't Buy Me Love

& he is also the star of my NEW FAVORITE TV SHOW, Grey's Anatomy:

Where he plays my hearthrob....sigh....Dr. Shepard.

Now, I will tell you a story! :)

I was at work one night and everything was normal. Busy, but normal. I had to-go bags in one hand and checks to drop in the other...I was looking down at what I was doing when I saw a man out of the corner of my eye looking for the restroom. He said:

"Excuse me" to me...and then right as I looked up and guided his arm toward the restroom he said "Oh, there are the restrooms" and walked towards them.

Now, I am a diehard fan of Mr. Dempsey.... I LITERALLY had his face on my computer background at that exact moment in time. It was HIS was HIS 5 O'CLOCK was HIS FACE!!!! IT WAS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST TOUCHED HIM.... I JUST TOUCHED HIM!?!?! WHO THE!!?!?!? AGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!!

(that was my reaction...followed by a quick turn on my heals back into the kitchen, squealing, shreaking, and hyperventilation.)

Ok, now please remember that I had a number of things in my hand to take care of.....and I had no idea where I was...who I was...or what I was doing. lol! I never imagined I would be starstruck..but I WAS!

I FREAKED OUT. lol..I had no idea how I was going to make it through this shift. On top of that, he was with Jim Caviezel from the Thin Red Line and also played Jesus in the Passion of the Christ:

I grabbed my cell phone and hid out in a bathroom stall and called my sister! hahaha She was the only one that would appreicate this whole situation.

After I calmed myself a LITTLE bit...I got up the courage to run food to his table. (btw...he had a chicken caesar salad..and NO dessert.)

I had tons of food in my hand when the unthinkable happened!! We made eye contact!

I am not making any of this up. I wasn't strong enough to run HIS food, so I decided to run the people's next to him. I was about 5 feet away from him when he looked STRAIGHT into my eyes with a movie star smile! He KNEW i was totally antsy about him! We made eye contact for at LEAST 5 seconds! (If you think that's not long....make eye contact with the something and slowly count to 5! It's A LONG TIME!)

I finally shook my head really quick and had to look away. I looked down at the food and couldn't even remember where it went! The guy who's food I DID have looked up at me and said:

"Is there something we can help you with?" lol...I kid you not! I just started setting stuff down!

Then he goes, "Umm, I don't think we got corn." It was awful... lol

But that is my story. For 5 seconds, Patrick Dempsey was thinking of NOTHING but me. :)

PS If you haven't seen Grey's Anatomy, you must! You can go HERE and click on video gallery. I strongly suggest that you watch the 3rd episode run down. :)

I GOT TAGGED....Brace yourselves.

Thanks a lot girl! lol

1. Go on a mission trip.
2. Get married.
3. Have a family.
4. Cook dinner for my husband on a regular basis.
I can't think of anymore. lol
1. Laugh a lot.
2. The splits.
3. Bake (AWESOME brownies, too!).
4. Curl my tongue.
5. Handstands.
6. Throw a football.
7. TALK!


2. Remember stuff.
3. Paint nails.
4. draw.
5. Drive the Speed limit.
6. Read ONE book at a time.
7. Eat black licorice. BLAH

(In NO particular order)
1. Heart.
2. Mind.
3. Hands.
4. Arms.
5. 5 o'clock shadow!!
6. Arm and leg hair.

1. "Absolutely."
2. "Yeah." (Not yes...because I'm appearantly too lazy to pronounce the s.)
3. "No problem"
4. "fabulous" (Like, "that purse is so fabulous! Do you think I can afford to spend 350?")
5. "Awesome"
6. "Anytime" (Like, "thank you so much for the great service"..."oh, anytime.)
7. "Thank you"


Now, please slow your speeding hearts.......he's taken. :(

August 23, 2005

My Day. :)

Since you all couldn't be with me yesterday, I decided to picture journal my to do list. I worked around the house and then headed out to finish my list. :) (PS The pictures I uploaded showed the time, so these are as accurate as they come!)

I dropped off the old ones and decided to get this book on tape for my drives to school...hilarious so far!
(don't let the clear skies fool you! It was SO HOT i couldn't breathe! 102 I believe.) :
and so you'd know I wasn't scamming...i took a picture of me pushing the clothes through the "security bar" (yes..."security bar" on a donation box. THAT is the world we live in):

That white thing on the bottom right is a rollerblade. You just NEVER know when you're going to need them. Actually, yes, you do know. You will NEVER need them:

The other thing on the right, in the side pocket, is a shoe that I have been planning to take back to the shoe repair store for approximately one year.

**cough** SO HOTT OUT.............


For those of you that have been reading for a while, you may remember that I love crickets. With that said, I believe I have just discovered where they go to die...


A picture couldn't even express the amount of dead, twitching, and/or crying crickets that were in this place! They were EVERYWHERE! In the units and in the corridor! I have never seen this many crickets before in my life. I wanted to help the ones that were still alive...but what the heck could I do? It was so hot that they were bouncing around like jumping beans trying to get off of the cement. It was seriously sad.

(4:08pm) One-Stop Shop

Once again, Walgreen's does not disappoint. I have been wanting a pedicure for a while now, but am being as frugal as possible with my money. I found this at my favorite store on earth. :)

(4:20PM) The Gym

THis is the only picture I was willing to take at the gym. I didn't want to look freakish taking pictures. Pervert may even come to mind. This is my gym bag hanging on the locker at the gym:


OK, I have NO idea who, what, why, or how someone managed to be this gross, but they did. After my workout I took a shower.... THIS was what I found seconds after i started to lather:

Here's for all you folks in the back **blaahahhghghhg...shudder**

It's a hairball!!!!???!?!?!!??!?



I'm so glad I was wearing flip flops...I seriously would have thrown up.

What Chocolate are you??

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I had a beautiful picture post almost complete.


August 22, 2005

UPDATE... :)

For those of you that have delightfully discovered "word verification" from me, PLEASE go thank Billy for it!! His site is FABULOUS and is where I get most of the blog updates. :)

I don't have time to make my fun post, but I did get lots of good pics and ideas from my day out.

Here is my To-Do list updated:

Be back in a bit to post the rest. :)

Until tomorrow....

I have a lot planned for tomorrow and it will be interesting to see what i ACTUALLY get done. :) I'm sure I'll have lots to post about (pictures included).... Here's the plan:

Here is where I'll be until then:

August 20, 2005

How to get organized.....

I'm struggling to get organized. It's hard when you are naturally the opposite. I am a SCATTER BRAIN! I can't even tell you how loopy I am sometimes. I forget stuff on a regular basis.

Any suggestions on how NOT to forget stuff as a waitress?

PS Does anyone know what happened to Sojourner Browny?? His blog disappeared and I haven't heard from him in a long time!?

August 19, 2005

What the Heck! This rules!

I think she should do a seminar on how to fold ALL your laundry that fast!

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August 17, 2005

Picture time!

I went on so many trips this summer that I think it's time to rehash.

We'll start with the zoo. :)
Here's me and sister ready to get the show on the road:

This next picture doesn't even need an introduction, seperated at birth:

If you'll notice in the above picture, it's hard to avoid capturing the glare off the windows. Maybe it was luck (I would consider it skill...) but this next picture came out perfect. Untouched.

TOO hysterical!! This is what i call a true friend:

Ok, Is he not just the cutest thing you've ever seen!!? What the heck!? SO CUTE!

Now, take a gander at these wild animals! Rowr!:

I'd never seen a peacock until that day...and he was SHOWING OFF! He turned in circles for everyone:

Ok, can you see the snake?? I couldn't! It was like one of those three-d paintings that you have to stare at until it pops out! Just when I thought I saw him....I was looking at him the wrong way (it was a lot harder to see in person)

THis next picture was taken right before my parents got off the gondola. We were laughing so hard at how much it was tilting (if it wasn't so late right now, i'd have cropped my brothers ear out...):

Geoffry (umm, what would you call him?) posed for a long time...and gave sweet looks like this one! :)

Then he got really annoyed. I would even be willing to bet that he would avoid me on my next visit.

These guys were pretty funny, too. lol THey stood really still when we first walked up.....

THen, as if they signaled to each other, they both turned slowly at the exact same time and stood still again:

Now...for those of you that have kiddies..cover there eyes. Just couldn't resist this next

I spy, with my little eye. A third leg??


Have you ever had a song in your head..... but only ONE line replays OVER and OVER?!!!!??

I love Mariah! I am a diehard fan. But seriously, if I have this line in my head for another second I'll blow up!!

Listen from 1:29-1:36:

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"I can't sleep at night....When you are on my mind,
Bobby Womack's on the ra-dio...singin to me"

Now that's all fine and great, but THIS is what my head says when it haunts me!!!!!

"I can't sleep at night....When you are on my mind,
DADDY WARBUCKS on the ra-dio...singin to me."

Honestly!!! What the heck!? WHY WHY WHY??

I KNOW those aren't the right words...but it's what my brain says every time! I've never even seen a Shirly Temple movie! What is my deal?


August 16, 2005

Sorry, new links that actually work!

Here are the links from my previous post.

Here's Sophie

And here's the link to mtv.

Click on the Sweet Sixteen Link...It's MTV overdrive.

**GASP** What a monster!!

I am truly in SHOCK!

Last night I watched MTV's Super Sweet 16. For those of you that have never seen this show, it is where really rich kids have EXTRAVAGANT 16th Birthday Parties documented by MTV cameras. I normally love this show and snicker at how silly and spoiled thse kids are, but last night I wanted to throw up!

Here is Sophie.

ANd here are some clips of the episode.

Be SURE to click on "A.D.D Recap: Sophie" and "The Must See Moment." My child will NEVER be this dusgusting. And these clips aren't even as bad as the episode.

PS Trent shares my opinion. lol

DEEP SLEEP Courtesy of Benadryl...

At about 2am I still wasn't tired. I tried reading, but that just got me INTO the book until 3am. I decided to take some Benadryl because my allergies were bugging me and they usually help sleep.

All I have to say is this stuff WORKS! I fell asleep within 20 minutes and slept for 8 1/2 STRAIGHT hours?!?! I had pillow lines on my arms and face. I was so groggy at noon that it was still hard for me to wake up. I think I recommend this for people having outpatient surgery. I don't even think a root canal would have woken me up.

I also had some pretty crazy dreams. Long, bizarre dreams that tied into one another. Where the ghosts of ex-boyfriends past and long lost friends played key roles. Oh yeah, and our cat had seizures! How strange is that!?

August 15, 2005

Sorry, I'm boring....:)

Hi guys....Sorry I haven't had much to post about lately but I'm trying to get this book blog off the ground. :)

Also, I've been trying to get everything ready for school. I'm sure I'll have some to post about once I start.

I hope you are all having a great day!

And let me know if you've read any interesting blogs that I should know about!! I'm always interested in someone new!

Talk later.

August 14, 2005

The Purpose Driven Life

We decided on a book!

If anyone wants to read The Purpose Driven Life with us, just let me know.

Here's what I'm thinking:

I started a blog specifically for it,

We can all read the book together and share our thoughts as posts or comments. Anyone is welcome to join and you can come and go as you please. No worries. I'll set it up so we can all make posts to the site.

Anyway....I want to start this book as soon as possible, but I also want to get everyone's name on an e-mail list so I can keep ya'll up to date.

E-mail me if you're interested in reading and/or posting with us. :)

Talk soon.

August 13, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

If there is a server standing over you with a peppermill, LET THEM KNOW IF YOU WANT IT OR NOT. When they say "Would anyone care for fresh cracked pepper?" they mean, "If you want pepper please stop ignoring me and let me know." Contrary to popular belief, we cannot read minds. :) I know, most people are shocked when we tell them.

What scent are you??

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My Favorite Mistake....

Have you ever made a mistake that you later decide was the best thing for you?

While applying my makeup in a hurry (as USUAL), I JAMMED my mascera wand back into it's container. The wand (in goood condition) is perfectly straight.

Here is my wand apr├Ęs l'accident...

And thank the Lord for it!

I have never used more comfortable mascera! It's like a comfort grip or something!! It's even PERFECT for applying to my left eye ( I'm right handed and use my right hand to apply to both eyes.... guys, you may never understand)


I am so glad I'm hasty!

August 12, 2005

Off to see a movie...

Not much time to write today.

I started the other website for the Book Club, so check it out on the sidebar. Let me know if you can do it prettier! hehe....still not totally happy with the template.

I'm off to see a movie.

August 11, 2005

Sorry for the trillion posts today....

Allison and her family lost their pet kitty Taz yesterday. :(

He was about 12. I'm sure she'll appreciate the warm comments.


For those of you that don't know, I'm starting a reading group. :) Nothing too formal, just a group of friends that read and talk about the same book. I want to read something to kick start the fall but have trouble committing to ANYTHING without someone to do it with.

THanks for all your great feedback. I'm really getting anxious to get the ball rolling, but first we have to decide on a book!!

Most people seem to be interested in "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. I love this book and would be happy to read it again.

Here are some other suggestions:

"The Road to Reality" by K.P. Yohannan

"The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman

"The Dream Giver" by Bruce Wilkinson

"If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat" by John Ortberg

"The Man Who Was Thursday" by GK Chesterson

"Til We Have Faces" by C.S. Lewis

I, personally, want to start with something "devotional." BUT, I'm a game for whatever you decide. Plus, I already have a copy of "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. : D

Let me know what you think!?

Any more suggestions?

Ya'll can e-mail me anytime at if you have any questions or comments! :)

August 10, 2005

Sometimes Less Is More....

In an attempt to get organized last year I purchased a Pocket PC.

I will tell you that I'm glad I bought it, but for ALL the wrong reasons:

It does not keep me organized.

A few of my other attempts I have made are as follows:

Too bulky

(I found it funny that I was posting about organization when i took this picture. Notice all the clutter! lol...My ipod, my phone, a blue lighter from my work apron, and the workout pages THAT I WORKED OUT WITH! :)

& Not enough space to write on

After searching high and low and not saving a dollar in the process, I have finally found EXACTLY what works! :)

My $1.99 halfprice books bargain

Isn't it ugly!? lol But it is the BEST thing I've ever used! Color coordination makes all the difference!