August 06, 2005

And now, My Purse.

After vacationing for two weeks my Handbag turned into a Hazard. A DUMPING ZONE.

On the outside? An Über-Cute accessory!

On the INSIDE? Back pain and a scatter brain.

It was time to unload ( I literally dumped all my stuff out because there was no other way).....


No wonder my head was in shambles.


My makeup bag was UN-zipped and makeup was EVERYWHERE. I even found this:

Clinique Mascera with an UNSCREWED lid!? Was I thinking???


Next, under spare change, a bell, and vasoline (for my lips! Remember? Chapstick makes my lips puffy...?), I found my abused and neglected Notebook.... : (

She SHOULD have been kept like so......


Here are my most hated pieces of clutter to date!:

R-E-C-E-I-P-T.....Find out what belongs to me...

R-E-C-E-I-P-T....Shows me, how poor I be....Heeeyyy!.... a ltitle Receipt.

I'm done.


Here is my second most hated piece of clutter:

Primatene Mist is Satan's Spawn!


Say goodbye to Primatene everyone....


Did I tell you all that I lost my ID on the way to Spokane? HOORAY for HG-ADD-Blunder!!!!

I was forced to enter the DMV to renew my WA license. I was a little happy because I had a cute picture on file with GREAT long fixed hair.

THIS is what I left the DMV with.

When do they stop using your old photo? And look at that hair on the right side of the picture.


Random Stuff:

Two kinds of allergy punch cards, or course!


Quick side note about Espresso Stands in Spokane:


But what gets me are the names of the stands:

Bean Me Up.....

Common Grounds....

Brewed Awakenings...

Bigalow Gulp (There's an area of town called Bigalow Gulch)......

Just see for yourself.


& a few more (remember?...this was in my purse?):

Bells from my aunts wedding................ my tickets.

...and last and least, the RANDOMNESS:



KV said...

How fun was your vacation? I see you have a WA driver's license. I don't even have one and I live

BayouMaMa2 said...

HG...I always love reading your posts! Like you, I think I have back trouble due to my purse. When my hubby carries my stuff to the van...he's like, "Do you have a whole 'nother child in there?" I'm always finding left over candy that melts on everything in my purse...some of it's the kids, and some of it's mine. ;-)

Back in the 90's when I was a college girl, I used to carry a whole can of hairspray and an umbrella in my purse. What a vain little diva I was! *chuckle*

Bekkah said...

My goodness! No wonder you have such a cute, but big-a*s purse!? It's funny, but I would have no problem downgrading to a smaller bag, but I can't because of the hubby!! Whenever we go out, I'm somehow left carrying his wallet, keys and cellphone in MY bag?!?! Damn that Ohio!

naughtygirl said...

good god woman!!lol thats why i dont carry a purse. i wear clothes with lots of

Leesa said...

They have those coffee stands all over Sandpoint too.
You should see my purse, they could be related.

amy said...

ahh! there is my favorite gum!!!

Shantisudha said...

it's always good to empty the purse at the end of the day....will help you to be more near to God!

Shantisudha said...

actually, emptying our purse or moving to any place is a kind of spiritual activity .....I suppose!! Did you read my previous post regarding shifting?

sasfdasfdljkfksdjkfjsd said...

glad to know your purse is now inhabitable.

bekkah: that's to get you back for all those times that women with no purses stick us guys with stuff to put in our pockets.

Lynn Daniels said...

Precisely why I don't carry a purse. But man, back when my kids were babies, I had the diaper back from Hades.

Christine said...

Ahhh but isn't it nice to have it all organized and clean again! (I need to do this, too!)

(BTW - my favorite name for a coffee place is "Perk 'n Beans" - I dont' even know if it exists anywhere...)

Paul said...

That was better than some documentaries.

By the way -- MICHELLE SENT ME.

(I hope that last part came off like me saying YOU'VE BEEN PUNK'd, cause it was supposed to.)

nicwulee said...

What's with all the buttons HG??
(I hate receipts and bankwithdrawals slips - I know I'm supposed to keep them and check them off against statements but I swear they just breed like bunnies in my bag...)

Linguist-in-Waiting said...

Wow, it is that messy? You can actually make a catalog of it...

midwest_hick said...

Do ya feel better now that you're all organized?

Laura said...

My purse looks pretty much the same only with a few GI Joe guys and some legos thrown in the mix.
And your mascara!!!???
Clinique, woman!!!

Bekkah said...

OOOOUUUCH!! Ray Ray, I thought you were my friend!!?!?! LMAO!! Happy Birthday anyway ;)

TheMartins said...

Oh my I so thought I commented on this one. Sorry for being so late. Looks like that was refreshing cleaning it out, but to be honest I don't think that was that bad. I have seen MUCH MUCH worse. :o) You did good girl.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great pictures and post! You really made me laugh.

You are invited to visit the Enterprise.

Melissa H said...

I just did the same thing yesterday. Imagine doing it with a purse-slash-diaper bag. Yikes. Loose change, crayons, teeny bags of Goldfish, church bulletins and 10,000 pens having a party in the bottom of the bag. Just wait.

What in the world is white coffee?? I'm quite intrigued!

Karla said...

EEK!!! Leaving the lid to Clinique mascara open is just so wrong! That stuff is like gold I love it so much :)

Mama Duck said...

Wow. That was great. There's nothing better than getting to look at other people's junk.

I wish I could save a whole bunch of stuff in my purse (so if I needed say, a pair of bells, I would have them), but I constantly clean it out b/c I get irritated when I can't find things! :)