September 15, 2006

Utterly Exhausted.

I am student teaching! HURRAY. Here are my weeks:

Monday: 730-5:00 teaching
530-10+ working
Tuesday: 730-5:00 teaching

Wednesday: 730-300 in class

Thursday: 730-300 in class
530-1000 work

Friday: 730-300 subbing
400-11+ work

Saturday: 400-11+ work

Sunday OFF!!!!

So Tired.


I love teaching!!

August 24, 2006

What's Beta Blogger?

I have no idea what this is? Just curious.

August 20, 2006

NOooooooo!!!! And what else is new.

So. The time has come....

I officially need new work shoes. ANd that sucks. Goodbye $100.

Here's the proof.

ANd if that's not soaked foot would have convinced you.

What else has happened in the month that I haven't posted.

I got a tan:

I saw a lady with a really bad outfit:

I wished there was someone in my passengers seat so I could soak them:

I gave my friend a tattoo while he slept...with the name of our boss:

And just one more for now, I made this thing...painstakingly out of individual pieces of construcion paper:

July 29, 2006

And, so, to all of you who think blondes have more fun.

There's a girl at work who, since the time I've know her, has had blonde hair. We'll call her Blondie. She recently died her hair dark brown. I have brown hair. Here is the conversation that we recently had:

Blondie: Ok, I seriously feel ugly with brown hair.

HG: I like your brown hair.

Blondie: I went into a bar a little while ago and tried to make eye contact with this really hot guy. He would NOT look at me! I've never had that happen before. Do you notice that with brown hair?

HG: Yeah, I've never been, i guess I notice guys not looking at me...?

I know she didn't mean anything by it...but it was too funny not to share.


When the Dallas Mavericks were in the playoffs, we went to a local restaurant to watch the games. This was their sign:

July 23, 2006

I completely forgot....

NOw for more yummy photos from my vacation...

Please refrain from eating this picture through the screen:

Those are MW's nephews.

Here's me and brother numero dos on my aunt's boat:

Here's the cake from the wedding:

ANd here's the precious bride and groom:

Ok, are you ready for some UNADULTERATED cuteness!!!!

That one's my favorite ^

More to come!

July 18, 2006

Ultimate cuteness!! Ever!

MW. MW, MW, MW.....

For those of you that don't know, MW=Mr.Wonderful=My boyfriend=the cutest guy ever (as seen below, hugging sweaty, melted-makeup me.):

While this picture claims "cute"... It fails to show his TRUE personality. It falls short of capturing the bona fide MW that those that know him have come to appreciate. This next picture, however, DOES JUST THAT!!

I found this picture in his parents hallway. The family photo dates back about 20 years and you can bet your paycheck that everyone is wearing that shade of turquoise! And please, try to name just ONE well-respected family a la 1986 that would have had it any other way! I dare you!

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO....PLEASE, feast your eyes on this delicious picture!!!!:

(L to R: 80's mom complete with thick gold necklace and shoulder pads to boot, chin of older brother, arm of older sister, and here he is, MW!!)

I will die soon of the utter and crazy cuteness of this smile!

After laughing for approximately 45 minutes at what I believe could be the pinnacle of all family photos, I laughed even harder when I heard the strife that came with it....


MW: Oh gawwwd! (Rolls eyes, sighs, shakes head, no smile) You have no idea.


MW: Ok, you see my hair!! My mom sprayed a gallon of hairspray to get my hair like that! I seriously remember not being able to breathe! (He may have even mentioned something about still tasting the Aquanet and having flashbacks in his sleep)

HG: AWWWWWW...haawwwwhahahahaaawwwwww! Desperately trying to console and trying even harder not to laugh more.

MW: And you see those two strips on my hair!!! Where the light is reflecting off the hairspray!! I was TORTURED for that!

He goes on to tell about how much he was tormented and then it hits me. Look how cute he is and now tell me that "Buzz" is not the perfect nicname EVER! His brothers and sister would call him that repeatedly and now the name has stuck. I seriously tried calling him his real name around his family and he didn't answer.

So, to end this session, I dare any of you to up the ante with a cuter picture!!

July 17, 2006


Ok..the infamous Yard Sale is STILL GOING ON!! The best-friend from spokane has just informed me that it is still going strong, I repeat, STILL GOING STRONG! After 5+weeks.

July 14, 2006


After spending hours on the phone, I finally have internet in the privacy of my bedroom. Sigh. So so happy.

Now for some pictures that i've wanted to share with you for a while:

I drive past this restaurant all the time. Please look closely

We've got Seafood!! We've got Chicken!! and We've got...Donuts!...?

A few months back I was shopping at the number one store on earth, AKA Wallgreen's, and I saw this in the movie rack:


July 09, 2006



Our wireless router is out of commission.

I can't upload pics until I get my wirless in my room. I have some hilarious, darling, wonderfully-gorgeous pics of my vacation.

I miss you guys! I'll hopefully see you tomorrow!

July 05, 2006

I told you

These pictures were taken while they are not great:

HOWEVER, they do show the yardsale I've been bragging about!

I present to you:

DAY 8 (That I know of)

With glare from windshield:

Blurred from speed:

July 02, 2006


Our favorite word the last few days has been CRAP. We drove home from Seattle and stoppod at some HUGE antique barn; 3 levels; no a/c; ALL CRAP. You know the people that shop there because their houses looks just like it. CRAP-EVERYWHERE-DUST-CAN'T BREATHE-----

So...speaking of crap, I drove by a house in spokane the other day that had CRAPCRAPCRAPCRAP on their front lawn. I didn't have my camera (shame) so I couldn't take a picture. It was 8pm and this place was a freaking mess. I've seen yardsales that couldn't compare to this. Well, the next day I discovered a yard sale sign that pointed me in the direction of that house. Small relief.

3 days later:


June 28, 2006

Sneak Peak!!

So, as promised...just a few pics so far....

Here we are after the dune buggy ride in Florence, Oregon:

Pictured in relation to MW:
First Row- cousin, uncle, cousin, cousin.
Second Row- Newlywed (his beautiful new sister-in-law), cousin, brother-in-law, Newlywed brother, other brother, MW, his AWESOME GF Me!.

***Now for a disclaimer***

I may not be held responsible for any pictures that include me in them. I know my good camera angles but the very helpful people who used my camera, DO NOT....or were hired by someone who hates me.

Here we are at the Heceta Head Lighthouse in Florence, Oregon:

ANd here we are after dinner at Ivar's Salmon House in Seattle sans red-eyes because I'm not at home and can't fix it:

Hello, my name is HG and I LOVE my yellow jacket. I wear it everywhere and am wearing it in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE EVER!

Ok...gotta go get ready for a girls night.

Mas pictures to come!

June 25, 2006

VACATION...And I'm sorry for all the excuses....

I swear I miss you all so much! I miss blogging and I MISS not having internet. I've been on the coast of Oregon and up in Seattle for the last 2 weeks. I'll get home to my mom's house tonight and will have a week there until I head home. I just talked to my roommate and he said the internet is up and running!! Finally.

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to post as much as i want to. I have SO many pictures and so many posts in the back of my head!! I swear!! All the nastiness I've seen on vacation...all the awesomeness! I can't upload pics now...but AS SOON as I do I'll be posting those...


I went to MW's brother's wedding this weekend and it was perfect. So much fun. And what a hunk of a best man ;)

I went to Lincoln, Oregon and spent 4 days on the coast. I went on a Dune Buggy Ride! i went to the dunes! Hg goes to the dunes??

I went on the space needle!

I went to Bainbridge, WA? On a ferry?....Anyone???

I also ate more CRAP then I can muster to tell you.....

Last night we had a crab and oyster FEAST and I think I ate my weight in crab. In left hand is starting to resemble a claw..... i can't tell if I ate so much that I'm hallucinating....or if I ate so much that I AM a crab!?

I've been sleeping on sheets and using towels washed in fragranced soap and I'm hiving out all proper!


I miss you all....And can't wait to come visit again.

May 30, 2006

Desperate measures...and still no WIFI!!!

Can tv exist without a dvr!? NO!

My apartment is NOT wired for cable. It's wired for DishNetwork. This is all fine and great...but the system it's wired for is OLD and is NOT compatible with a DVR....feeling----ill.

Ok...still ok...We can contract with another satellite provider and attach the satellite to our balcony...our "SOUTHWARD" facing balcony. That would be all great if our balcony actually FACED SOUTH!? Which it doesn't.

So, my sweet cable man came out and I told him of my dilemma. He attached our satellite where he wasn't supposed to and for this he is my hero. I have cable. I have DVR. I am happy!

Not only do I have tv...but i have it in my room with my OWN DVR and system! i can watch something while my roommate watches something else!

Favorite shows now that I have complete and total domination over the cable box and tivo are as follows:

Dr. 90210, Elimidate (I will only enjoy this until I live in the same city as my bf. He cringes, convulses, and projectile diarrheas at the mere mention of it.), Made, Kathy Griffin: My life on the d list, The Simple Life,....Crap......LIBRARY IS CLOSING....UNTIL NEXT TIME!

May 23, 2006


I miss you so much!!! I miss blogging! I have so many pictures to blog!! BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG!!

I'm settled and my roommate moved in today. I should have internet in a week... A WEEK!!?!? I'm not sure I can wait.

I seriously miss you all. So sad. :( Will blog daily soon.

May 11, 2006

HG who??

Well, my stolen internet has proven to be unreliable. The nerve of someone making their internet Secured!? Protecting their documents should come second to supporting a starving college student!....

I have pictures of the apt. I have pictures of this gross thing in my apartment that makes me sick everytime I see it, but I don't know how to get rid of it...(That's my hook so you'll all be on the edge of your seats for my next blog)

I'm at school right now and will startmy next final in an hour...


Ummm..nothing else new...Just being poor and having my own kitchen! :)

I'll have internet in about 2 weeks so standby for lots of yummy blogs! With pictures!! You like pictures right!?!? Guys...right??!! Hello???? Guys!????

April 30, 2006


FINALLY MOVED IN! Everything has a place! Sigh.

Pictures tomorrow...

April 19, 2006

Something to feel better about...

HOLY MOLY. I walked by this car today and had to drive back and take a picture!

My car's messy, ya'll...but it ain't a LAUNDRY MAT!?!?

PS Sorry for the picture...I was walking fast and didn't want people to stare at the creep taking pictures of someone's car with my camera phone.

April 17, 2006

Liars & Nudists & Creeps, Oh my.

Is it THAT hard to find a roommate!?

So far...Lied about credit...asked to be naked....and wanted to know if her 4 dogs were ok. I said "Yeah, since I specifically said NO pets...go ahead and bring all an APARTMENT!?!?!

Other then that I've officially gotten my placement for student teaching. It's close to my house and I won't have to buy a parking pass for next semester.

4 more days for the apartment!! I'll take pictures as soon as I get the keys! :)

PS I just created the word "jork" jerk+dork= Jork.

MW, you had nothing to do with this!

April 16, 2006

April 13, 2006

Yeah, except for this one thing....

So...I'm trying to find a roommate and it's a little harder then I thought it would be. I think i've got someone lined up, but we'll see.

I signed up for this website that hooks you up with potential roommates. You fill out a survey about your religion, cleanliness..etc I was thinking that I wanted to live with a guy. They're more laid back...they don't steal your clothes...and they don't get bothered by weird stupid stuff.

I just wanted to share with you the response I received the other day:

Hey! I am quite interested in your place! I am a professional male. I am a software developer. I work normal hours. I am out of the house by 6:30 AM to go to the gym and am not usually home again until 6:30 PM. I am pretty quiet, love to cook, watch tv/movies, and am pretty busy developing websites at home. I am not a smoker, and only drink occasionally. I am looking for a place where my roommate wont mind my being NUDE!? around the house. Please drop me a line and let me know if you are interested.

Seriously!? lol

April 10, 2006


So I suck. I am lame. I am boring. I've been so preoccupado with school and work and the new apt that I haven't had time to write. I believe that you all deserve a post so I've scrounged through the pictures on my phone to give you one.

Before we proceed I would like to make a public announcement to the folks at the library.

"Sirs and Ma'ams...While your opinion and curiosity about 'fixin' to be teachers' is appreciated, there is a time and a place for inquirires of this nature. Reading over one's shoulder as they browse the internet may be considered rude and would certainly be a breech of their privacy. The library is to be a comfortable and QUIET place where library goers can and avoid describing how to 'become a teacher without all the school 'n stuff.' Your interest in educating our youth is incredibly noble and we would ask that you take this interest to the local school district in your area. In other words, LEAVE THE GIRL AT THE COMPUTER ALONE AND STOP READING OVER HER SHOULDER THANK YOU."

SO, I left for work on time and OF COURSE there was an accident. I decided that I was going to PROVE to my boss that there really was an accident, so I took a picture!! HA! The dog really DID eat my homework!! IN YOUR FACE LIKE MACE!

Well, You be the judge. Can you tell, AT ALL, that this was an accident that blocked the 2 lanes of traffic back 10 miles??


April 02, 2006


So I've finally decided to move out...again. I have a roommate. A great place. And three more weeks!


March 23, 2006

And the award for laziest, nasty human ever goes to!

The human that needs this sign to behave properly in a public restroom.

March 21, 2006

Dear Girl Who Eats Chick fil'a at 1050 am,

The smell of your stuffy, stale french fries, your greazzzy popcorn-chicken, and the sweet, suphocating smell of your room-temperature honeymustard are causing my stomach to contract and I am sorry if I puke on your shoes.

The End.

So, to continue where I left off...

I am not at school and CANNOT stay awake.

Can't sleep.

Because I'm tired.

The same reason I eat when I'm not hungry. And that would be the same reason I talk when I have nothing to say. And speed when I'm not rushed and make mistakes when it's slow.


So I had this dream that my bestfriend robbed a bank. And I was hired to take down her operation. And I had to save all these peole that were with me because my bestfriend/convict was armed and dangerous. I finally confonted her in the bathroom of a german train station where she gave me what I came for: my car keys!! Because, DUH, that's why i was really hunting her down with a bus-load of scared old folks!

Now, still dreaming, i'm consoling monica about her time in the slammer, when i realize I'm late for WORK. Yes. WORK! I'm at work ON MY DAY OFF IN MY SLEEP!?

SO now i'm driving my mom's car to SPokane because she left it at my house when she visited (who knows what happened to work). Everything's fine and great until I have to go to the DMV cause I can't find my license. I walk up to the counter where some old guy writes a capital "I" on each hand and holds them up. I thought it was a make shift eye exam test so I said "uhh..I, I?" Well, turns out I was responsible for knowing some airplane signals!? WHatever that is... And then I woke up.

But seriously, why can't I sleep!?!?!?!

March 16, 2006

What do you do?

What do you do when all the cleaning is done and there's nothing to do?

Put people clothes on your dog, of course!

Cause room really is crazy clean:

March 14, 2006

Spring cleaning....

No, Seriously.

Under The Bed:

All of what you see was on or under my bed.

Yeah, those clothes on that chair are pretty much always there. SO, other then that...and the stuff on my desk....everything was on or under my bed.

Mission 1 COMPLETE:

Stay tuned for tomorrow's mission...

THE DESK (AKA...the reason i do homework on my bed):