July 05, 2005

BIORE, Pore Perfect? You be the judge!!


And I quote:
"Biore ultra deep cleansing pore strips will diminish the appearance of pores."

I observed this on the back of the box, and I also observe that it may be a load!


Pore Strips are total crap.


Pore Strips will NOT make my pores "diminish."


Yippy!!! Here is the fun part!

( PS- Some of these pictures are nasty and I may be exposing myself a little to much but it is all in the name of science. :)

Here is my freshly washed nose before Biore:


Now I give you, {{trumpets}} dun-da-da-duuuhnnn...



Step 1- Wash and dry face. Then thoroughly wet nose and apply strip.

(My eyes are red because it is 2am and I am severely tired.)


Step 2- Let sit for 10-15 minutes. Until hard.

On your Mark! Get Set! GO!!!




(Yes, it is really 2 am. And I am a loser.)

Step 3- Slowly and carefully peel off starting at edges and pulling towards the middle.



My eyes are watering!

(Now, here is the nastiest picture that will ever be taken of my nose!!)

The results:


Wow. My poors are practically invisible. I can't believe my eyes. What a miracle...

Baaahh!!! The're like potholes, now! Like little wells for makeup!!?

I am not happy, until I see it!!!!!

The dirty Pore Strip!!

Here is the strip before.....


And here is the strip NOW!!! :)



Why, oh why is it so satisfying to see all that stuff!? Because it was once in my skin!!


Biore Strips do not make your pores disappear.

However, they are NOT total crap! The satisfaction I got when seeing my departed blackheads was indescribable.

I will continue to spend money on them, and look forward to the next time I set out on my Biore Journey to cleansed pores.


millennium hippies said...

wow you are one brave woman to post that "after" photo of the biore strips! the only time i ever used them was at a party...(in my mid 20's, pre-children days) my friend and i were drunk and stumbled into the bathroom at this party and rummaged through the medicine cabinet until we found those biore strips. laughing hysterically we put them on...of course i can't remember how it all ended. all i remember is the laughing and the being drunk. ah, those were the days...

TheMartins said...

That is a very cool study! I have always watned to try but always afraid too... LOL now I might just to get the gunk out of my face. Thanks for your scientific study very helpful!

And yes that is my lil girl... I'll post another pic of her and her daddy. The one of me and her HORRIBLE! I didn't wear make up all weekend and you can tell the difference... LOL... I'll post it now.. Thanks for stopping by, Talk to you soon

jdub said...

I think that was not stuff in your pores deposited onto this "magic the gathering strip", I think it was the pores themselves... Just a thought.

*Neasa* said...

thats so cool.

i never knew those strips actually worked...

MB said...

Used them for a while, hoping it would lead to glove smooth pourless skin. Alas, it did not. Clean, yes. But you're born with the pours you are gonna have. Mine are like huge. Oh well.

naughtygirl said...

lmao. im not sure we needed all those pics though.lmao

Memphis Steve said...

Wow, that is just NASTY.

I wonder what it would look like if I stuck it on my butt?

Ms. Q said...

*dies of laughter* That is so funny. You are very brave to post that in the name of such important research!

Humor Girl said...

You all are very welcome! The gunk is nasty...but the pictures of me are the worst! lol...they are SO UNFLATTERING. THAT was the real risk. :)

Memphis steve- Let me know.

Marel Lecone said...

OK, so I had to speed through the after shots of the strips. I am still feeling willies over it. [shivering] ::))

OK, I just went back and read Memphis Steve's comment. The shivering WON'T STOP!!

::)) [still shivering though]

Leesa said...

That is too funny, I've had the same results. I want to see what happens with Memphis Steve!! Or do I??

JRT said...

My favorite thing about the post was the headshot on the box. Apparently, she's not embarrassed at all by wearing the strip. In fact, it appears it makes her feel sexy. "That's right, it's a pore strip...come get me big boy..."

Curator said...

The things you gurls do to yourselves. ;) Cool post HG.

Lynn Daniels said...

I move that Memphis Steve gives it a shot and posts his results! Anybody willing to second?

I've tried those strips before, and they did nothing for me. Does that mean I don't have blackheads?

Sheri said...

Hmm...34 years old...never used one...wondering how disgusting they would be...yeah...I think I'll pass.

andré said...

the post is funny. and the pictures of you are not unflattering. but the pics of the strips are so very disgusting... hehehe

Brian said...

Wow...I hardly know what to say. Thats the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Congrats on the blackhead removal

PureMood said...

Ha! I got a kick out of that - and yes, the used strip was nasty but atlest it's off your nose! ;)

Memphis Steve is just plain gross ROFL!

Anonymous said...

It is an incredibly satisfying experience for some reason.

They sort of work but only if you put some kind of skin tightener on right after use.

Kristen said...

that is disgusting. But I must say there is quite the sense of accomplishment after an effective biore cleansing.

Humor Girl said... IS disgusting...but it rules so much!! It's like getting a splinter out! It's great! :)

You all should try it!

The Cubicle Reverend said...


The Cubicle Reverend said...

Here is a little challenge for us all, you can post it either on your sight and I'll attatch it to mine.

*Natalia* said...

I love those things... good for you- I would never be brave enough to post an "after picture."

Johnny Menace said...

I think that was your actual skin ripped off on the strip.

Tess Harrison said...

Seeing is believing!

Tisha from Texas said...

I used them, thought that I could have purchased DUCT TAPE to do the same thing, and realized how much I want a pore-less face. SO now I am considering one of those at home dermabrasion kits only from Lowes with multiple sanding tools so I can also resurface the kitchen.

Humor Girl said...

natalia- thanks...I wasn't going to, but it was all in the name of science! :)

Johnny menace- No, SIR! You are absolutely wrong!! IT was my blackheads!!!! It was dirt and oil and my face felt refreshed!? Right, Teresa!! hehehe

Tish- OOoooh! A twofer!! Microderm abrasion AND sander all in one! I think you're on to something!

Kim said...

I can't stop laughing! haha That's so gross. I tried those before, but it just took off my skin. lol You had great results though... Congrats. ;)

Memphis Steve said...

I'm shocked that so many people want to see me put this on my butt. I mean, I was gonna do it anyway, but still. It's not like people haven't seen my butt already anyway.

Humor Girl said...

Kim- I couldn't stop laughing either...but at the pics of my nose! EWW!

memphis steve- that is why we love you nude memphis.

BayouMaMa2 said...

That! ;-)

I'm in stitches over hear! LOL

Anonymous said...

Lol i use their pore strip too
its kinda gross but
i love seeing wat was once in my pore.. will not in my pores anymore