July 02, 2005

This is not good...not good at all.

Is it impossible for me to wake up at a decent hour!? APPARENTLY! I slept sound and woke up in an instant. Here's what was staring me back in the face:

Yes, I literally jumped out of bed to grab my camera. I specifically said I wanted to be up by 10, and this needed to be documented.

Maybe my batteries died at midnight? :) I need more proof.

I glance at my nightstand.


But maybe that's wrong, too. There's still hope!

Bathroom clock says:



And now, here I am..... and my trusty computer doesn't lie.


1. Crappy, crappy pictures.

2. "The Whitney Chronicles" on my nightstand...from, "What's On My Nightstand" in my sidebar...I don't lie!

3. All of my clocks are different. Yes, this is true. I believe that it will help me be on time. It does not work.

PS Visit my Highlights for this week :)


MG said...

Don't wait, Procrastinate now!

As far as being late, it's a good thing you took the time to snap some photo's, post 'em and write up some captions. *smirk*

Humor Girl said...

Wait!! I'm not late! just lazy...I had stuff I WANTED to do today...INCLUDING post. But, first things first. :)

Humor Girl said...

PS Inquiring minds want to know. :)

Curator said...

I'm right there with you.

Farmers Hours do not fly here.

Marel Lecone said...

Two weekends in a row I slept till about twelve on Sunday. I can do this with no problem and no guilt. My husband had the kids. In my former days, before marriage and kids, this was my sort of thing on all weekends. It is actually a skill to be either acquired or inborn. I was inborn with it and I have tweeked it with time. As for my husband, he had no concept on just letting your body sleep until it was ready to awake. He was doing pretty well with it until, of course, the kids came along. We are just waiting for them to become teenagers so that we can go back to our old ways. Just kidding!!! hahaha Most people I know find it funny when I do occasionally try to plan things for the morning. I really do try sometimes but IT IS SO HARD. Have a great weekend. Take care.

naughtygirl said...

lol yea that happens sometimes. when you want to sleep all day your up at 6am . lol like i was today till i forced myself back until

Beanhead said...

Noon is a good time to start your day, just that much closer to bed time...;) haere via Michele's

KV said...

Well by the time you got up, I had already cleaned my room and come back from the gym ;-)

But now I'm stuck here again writing my essay, which is almost done...yay

In your defense though, you were up pretty late last night (you sent me message at like 3 or 4am) so it’s not like you slept forever, your internal clock was just shifted :-)

KV said...

Actually I've been working full time for the last 4 years. I'm going back to school next month in order to get my MBA. The essay I'm working on right now is for a scholarship.

Tess Harrison said...

As I'm awake before seven on a Sunday and can't seem to sleep till noon even when I want to, I have to say, I'm jealous.

And non of our clocks are set to the same time either. And none of them display the correct time except the computer.