July 01, 2005

Hi Friends! :)

Do you visit my site regularly? Am I on your blog-line, -roll, or any other frequenters list? If so, thank you, thank you!!! I truly appreciate you coming!

Also, please let me know! I want to return the favor by adding you to my "Frequent Flyers" list.

Since my site is under construction, my list is still very incomplete! You may already be on it. :)

Hope you have a great night/day, and i will leave you with this:

I went to throw away something at work today, and this was staring me in the face! He is salmon. And he is creepy.

Yay for camera phones :)


Duane Kuss said...

Congratulations on the new site!

So what caused the move? Any special reason?

Was the salmon real?... or a rubber ducky type?

Good luck with rebuilding your new site.

I'll be back for more!


Marel Lecone said...

OK, so if this fishy was real, I would be totally shrieking out, I think. Actually, knowing me, whether it was real or not, I would have shrieked with terror. And, don't answer this. But, WHERE do you work? I'm imagining a cool, laid-back job by the water with fishermen and surfers.

First time here by way of Kristen.

MissMeliss said...

You're right, he is creepy.

And you are on my blogroll.

TheMartins said...

Hi again! I can see yours just fine now. Yesterday I had to look around to get the post from yesterday to show up but it seems to be working now :o) Hope you have a great 4th. Oh BTW I have added you to my frequent list. Hope that is ok? Talk to you soon.

The Cubicle Reverend said...

But they are good eating!

Humor Girl said...

Duane- The sites the same, but the URL is different. I wanted people to have an easier chance of finding me on accident! Also, Iron Chef scared me into getting a blog name..instead of using my real one...hence, Humor Girl. :)

Marel- Yes, it was real! I work in a restaurant. :)

Missmeliss- Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! :) I'll do the same.

TheMartins- Yes..that's just fine that you've added me! I'll return the favor. Hope you enjoy your 4th, too!

TheCubicleReverend- Yes, yes they are!

TheMartins said...

You're sweet... thanks for adding us. ;o)

Kristen said...

why does he look like he is still alive? No, really. Why does he look alive? And was his whole body there too?

Humor Girl said...

Kristen.. if you could REALLY see the look in his eyes...{shudder} IT WAS SO CREEPY! If anything, it was his bones that were there. His meat was on the grill. :(

Eddie said...

nice fish!

Doris Falcon said...

Just to say HI!!!

Have a nice weekend, and good luck for the new site.

naughtygirl said...

lmao about the fish!! i havent added you to my list yet, im getting there. it needs updating

Ms. Q said...

I can read you in Bloglines.

And, that fish looks like he is talking to you! "Help! Help! Get me out of here!"

That, or, he's singing a song.

rcm said...

You should photo op the fish to have some red eyes and teeth, it just looks sad or something the way it is, I guess I would be too if the rest of me was bein cooked.

Amanda said...

Put the Salmon in the freezer and name him Fred. When unwanted company comes over, introduce them to Fred and make them conversate with him til' they leave.

Lynn Daniels said...

Okay, that fishie just gave me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. And if I'd been greeted by that, my scream would've been like "the shot heard 'round the world". My mother would have called from Florida and asked why I was screaming. *g*

And did I mention I've got you linked?

Anonymous said...

i didn't "scare" you... i just spooked 'ya!

by the way... i never realized camera phones could take such nice pictures... wow, i feel like getting one now. and that salmon looked like he made some one a nice meal!

puremood said...

I'll swap links with ya - I'll blogroll you now :)

Micah The Korean said...

You're def. on my fav's list and I'll be sure to hyperlink you into my blog!

Good stories and the pictures really help the stories, I'll have to try that myself. Keep up the good work!