July 05, 2005

My 4th of July :)

YAY! I love celebrating! :)



Pool Party?


Cannonball contest??


(Dad is so cute. :)

Cannonball contest injury??


Great Location for fireworks, peferabley over a lake?


Horseshoe Contest!?


Baby to snuggle!!!?

....CHECK, CHECK, CHECK...and shhh...check.

Awesome Firwork show?


And last, but not least, SMORES??



naughtygirl said...

great pics!! i love the pool

MG said...

Yay! You got the fireworks in.

Looks like an awesome 4th of July pool party. (Damn, I knew we left something out of our party. Time to start diggin'.)

andré said...

sure looks like a lot of fun!
where was all this?

Lynn Daniels said...

Looks like a wonderful time! I'm jealous...we got rained out.

Lynn Daniels said...

Oh, and I meant to answer your question from my blog. To find out about my writing, feel free to click on the "Projects" link at the top of the right sidebar. There you'll find blurbs I'm not yet totally happy with about my stories, and links to excerpts.

PureMood said...

What fun!

Christine said...

What more could you want? What a great 4th you had! Love your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Aw, it seems like you had a good 4rd.

You know, it is funny you commented on my site...I had JUST looked at your blog and seen some old posts and thought you had a good blog but had decided it was stupid to comment on a blog post in your archives. I dont even remember how I got to it.

Teresa said...

Looks like a great time! I'm a little jealous. We didn't do anything much. But I did read a book.

TheMartins said...

Looks like a wonderful way to spend 4th of July! I'm jealous... :o) Talk to you soon

Memphis Steve said...

It looks like you guys had a blast!

Caleb said...

Wow Jen your site is quite popular!! btw, my party was better :)

Humor Girl said... was one of the best I've ever had. :)

Caleb- Let's see the pics!

Ms. Q said...

That was a picture perfect 4th, I do say!

Memphis Steve said...

OK, let me see if I have this straight. You guys live in a huge house with a 3 car garage, an inground pool, and it's right on the lake? Wow! Can I come live with you?

Mark Trigsted said...

Great Day... But who is the guy taking a dump in a toilet by the road..... WHoa....

Sheri said...

Looks like so much fun...and what a sweet baby!

Humor Girl said...

Ms Q- Yes, it was!

Memphis- Um..I'll let you know.

Mark T. ;) - That's memphis steve. And I have no idea who he is. :)

Sheri- YES!! lol..that's baby "d". She's SO funny. In the picture with dad, she was dancing and giggling SO hard!

Billy said...

I really like the Cannon Ball Injury Image! Yikes that could have been a bleeder.

Kim said...

Awesome pictures. That baby is adorable!