June 10, 2008

Blog who!!!?? Psh!!!

Being a big, girl teacher... falling in love... you, know, Grown up stuff.... HA!!

Ok, I've been gone for way too long. I have SOOOOO much catching up to do. Like blog my boring summer life! I'm excited to start writing again. I miss you.

I will have you know, however, that the blog lords have gotten their revenge and I am sick as a dog. Let this be your proof:

The blords have ruined my tidy house and have sent me into a tailspin of aches and pains and oh my gosh I'm STARVING and I can't keep nothin' down...

March 06, 2008'd the date go??

On a scale from 1-10, the date was a 500. This date will forever go down in history as the best date EVER!!!

We went to dinner....

Then we talked for like 3 hours at a park. :)

We agree about EVERYTHING. Sigh. haha

If you are any of my close friends then you know that I could go on about him forever...but I will not bore the blogoshere just yet.

In other news.... love love love! That's about it.

February 26, 2008

I SO have a non-date! That's totally a date.

Finally! A date! I'm sick of meaningless!

He's totally rad and funny! And he says what he means!? Who does that??!

February 19, 2008

February 07, 2008

Perfect Timing

Cause yeah, when better to schedule spirit week then on the week of a
huge exam?

February 04, 2008

Drive to work...

That little white dot is the moon. And yes, this picture is old.

So I'm the boringest boringer in the universe. Sorry I'm lame.

Work has been exhausting.

I live for Spring Break.

How to create iPhone ringtones

Open iTunes and go to iTunes/Preferences:

Under "Advanced" change the "Import Using:" to "AAC Encoder":

Click "OK"

Find the song that you want to make a ringtone with. You CAN'T use an iTunes download. (If you have an iTunes song that you want to use, you can burn it to a cd and re-import it to make it a regular mp3)

Once you've found the song you want to use, figure out which 20 seconds you want your ringtone to be. Remember the starting and stopping points in the song.

Now, right click on the song and click "Get Info":

Under "Options" check the "Start Time" and "Stop Time" boxes and change the times to the 20 seconds you want for your ringtone:

Double click on the song to play it and make sure it starts and stops where you want it to. Make the adjustments you need.

Once you have the song starting and stopping where you want it to, right click on the song and click on "Convert to AAC":

This will create a seemingly identical song. Check the length to see which one is the ringtone:

Now, right click on the ringtone and click "Show in Finder" (it might be different for a PC. It might say something like "Show Folder" or something:

Once you've found the song file, click once on the name and change the m4a to m4r:

Press Enter and click "use m4r"

Once you've changed the format, go back into iTunes and delete the ringtone.... BUT do NOT delete from the computer!:

Now that the song is deleted from iTunes, double click on the new m4r file and it will open in your Rintones Section of your iTunes. Make sure your ringtones section syncs with your phone and you should have ringtones.


Once you have the ringtone, go back to the original song file and UNcheck the start and stop times:


I find it interesting that people will steal my peanut butter crackers
from my desk drawer and not my iPod. For real my crackers are gone.

February 03, 2008

January 29, 2008

Les Planning Period

Noooo sleep and this is how I spend my planning period. I look way more
gross and puffy then I planned on and I'm totally fine with that.
Enjoy my final moments of peace until 4:00.

January 28, 2008

Why did I forget about my laundry?

It's nearly 1 am.

I forgot my sheets were in the dryer.

This is where they are now and I'm laying on my bed phone blogging to
try and get some energy.


And oh yeah I almost forgot!!

There's so much snot in my respiritory system that breathing and coughing have tied the knot. I would also swear to you that Flozell Adams is invisible and siesta-ing on my chest.

Other then that?....nada

January 17, 2008



Maybe more then 2 hours of sleep would help.

January 15, 2008


I'm back! Yeah, I say that.

I've been REAL-REAL busy, so let me fill you in on my crazy life. My teaching is more fulfilling then I could have ever imagined. And Oooh ooh ooh I got Uggs.

And their ugly and I LOVE them like that.

I tricked out my iphone.


It took me 72 hours straight. I went from my bed. To my couch. To my bed. To my couch. Tears. Anger. Bricked iphone. Eureka!!..... Bricked!!! I HATE LIFE---DIE APPLE--- DIE DGRUEIRSOFJDROEISJ..... ((CHOIR OF ANGLES)) "I see Blue! He looks glorious!"

But my phone is TRICKED did you hear?

Ok, so what else, what else?



I spent some quality time solving my 5x5x5 Rubiks!



I haven't gotten my oil changed in--- (I love you but I am too shamed to tell you how long.)

Golly, what else have I done. Hmmmm.... Busy busy. What. Have. I. Been. Busy. With. Huh? That seems about it....

...I got a new rolly-bag that I tote my work stuff with?



.... Oh! I ate like 2 boxes of cupcakes! STRAIGHT UP!!! THESE ARE BETTER THEN HOSTESS! I crud you not. :) THEY DOMINATE! PLEASE TRY THEM.

My stomach hurts and I have chest pain.

Looking back, it seems that I really haven't done anything. I'll try to keep up.



One Tree Hill. The show on the WB.

Oh dear, do you know? Do you know this show? My stars in the sky I don't have words to describe why i love this show.

It is CHEEZE-RIFIC! It is masterfully corny and I want every part of it! It started out when they were in high school and they touched topics like teen sex and bringing guns to school. Real topics that needed to be addressed. NOW! OH NOW!

It's no longer "One Tree Hill"...

Now it's "4 Years Later... One Tree Hill"

Check it out!