February 04, 2008


I find it interesting that people will steal my peanut butter crackers
from my desk drawer and not my iPod. For real my crackers are gone.


Billy said...

I pods are a drain on life whereas peanut butter crackers give sustain life.
Your thief has chosen wisely.

Dylan said...

Was it Alan?

Jtrigsted said...

Is that Backstreet Boys I see on the screen? You make me proud sister.

Vanessa said...

I've had this happen too. What kills me is that if someone were to *ask* if they could have my crackers, I would say yes. But no, thievery is the preferred method for acquiring said crackers.

alyndabear said...

It IS Backstreet Boys. YOu are awesome. ;)

Ah well.... no complaining. You can buy a whole stack of crackers compared to an Ipod.

Anonymous said...

Billy is right.