December 22, 2007

This month....And the day from Hizell.

I know. I suck. And in the words of Misguided Mommy:

This teaching gig is kicking me to the curb. On top of germs that only 12 year olds can carry, I've been exposed to the very crippling disease "Youllneverhavetimeforeverythingitis"

And did I mention the hives? Yeah...they won't go away. "Oh my gosh, are you okay Miss Humor??" "Yes, I'm fine, thanks for making me fully aware of how much you can see them in this florescent light. YOU HAVE HOMEWORK NOW!"

So, my day from hizzy...

It started out just fine. I called my Dr. on my conference period and they said they would see me at 5:45. Seeing that I get out of work at 4, that's enough time, right?

WRONG. You are so wrong, HG. You are SO off base it's ridiculous.

I had some trouble in the classroom, so I got to call a parent after school! I decided to call her on my way to the doctor.

Well, I got so distracted on the phone that I missed my exit. I turned around on the freeway, and brainlessly took the same exit I just got off on. Not kidding. I turned around, and in the time it took me to turn around again there was miserable traffic. And then this:

Of course.

And then about 1,000 of these:

I ended up being 45 minutes late. I had to stop for gas and spilled gas on my pants.

Did I mention that I lost my planner? Yeah, and I looked ALL over school for it for about 30 minutes. I found it:

Other then that, I've been cooking:

And doping up on this:

Oh yeah!! And the best of the best!!!!!

I made the best investment I've ever made in my life:

It's a neck and shoulder massager and it is amazing.

Ok. Must sleep.