July 18, 2005

Keys! :)

Before I post, I would like to share something:

If I never ever, ever, EVER-again hear the instrumental version of "No Ordinary Love" I would be a happy woman.......

1. I don't like jazz music. (Please do not stone me with hateful comments! i have tried to love it!)
2. This song is wretchedly inadequate when the vocals are substituted with a brass intstrument.


These are my keys.

You will notice that I am NOT a janitor...but I do have a little collection of key chains. Allow me to explain myself. :)


1. The blue thing.

This is not for show. This is so I can "hook" my keys out of my giant purse. :)

It is also what I hold on to when I hold my keys.

It is the anchor, so to speak.



2. The purple thing.

This is my LIFE-SAVER! :)

If I am shopping... running into the grocery store.... carrying stuff up to the locked front door, but don't have a hand to carry the keys with....

This is PERFECT to put around my wrist and go!

I always find my keys right away!!! :)



3. The Grocery Cards!

These are very important for savings! :)

That really cute card on top is my library card! Isn't it wonderful!

I was so excited when they gave it to me!

Also...I had to photoshop this card so my home town wasn't on there....that's why it's kind of sloppy. :)


4. Keys

Very simple.

Just what I need. (from left to right)

House key.

Storage key.

Gym lock key. (hmm...gym lock key looks unused.)



5. Pretty things! :)

I don't feel I am alone when I say these are crucial! :)

The apple- I am going to be a teacher...and it's says gap! :)

The butterfly- i got it at old navy...i love pink.

The flowers- Another gap puchase...but this was for less then $3! and it matches my butterfly nicely :)

Well, I think that's that.

PS The vacation I am about to go on is to Spokane, WA. Home for 2 weeks!!!! :) You'll get lots of pics. TRUST ME.


KV said...

Go check out Gonzaga when you are in Spokane...
Also the White Stripes (I don't know if you like them) are going to be playing not too far from there at one of the coolest outdoor venues in the Nation: The Gorge.

Humor Girl said...

Tell me about it!! I saw metallica there!!

TheMartins said...

Awesome... about your trip ;o) We are going to Longview, WA for a week in October to visit my dad and step-mom and doggies. It's going to be a blast! I'm jealous... Can I fit in your suitcase? LOL Yay Love pics!

KV said...

You saw Metallica at the Gorge? WOW....
I'm so jealous.

Lex said...

I'm a little surprised that you didn't take pictures of that cool VW flip out key in action, but I still enjoyed the post.

Anyway, nice assortment of fobs.

naughtygirl said...

ive got a bunch of crap on my keys too. lol. ive slimmed it down a bit from what it used to be but its still too much. my one keychain says silly boy girls are i love that one

allison said...

the only thing missing is a rabbit's foot. Have fun on your vacation!!!

Wethyb said...

I used to have tons of those grocery savings things...uh yah...never used them. I'd forget about them. Go figure!

Chief Slacker said...

Gym key unused... way to slack!

BlackOps said...

I forgot to say, OH NO you changed your profile pic!!!! You shouldve left the other, it was fine.

MG said...

HG you're giving me 80's flashbacks. Sometime in the mid 80's people were ammassing huge links of keychains. You'd be hard pressed to find a key, but darn if you didn't have like 10-20 keychains all with something unique about 'em. Heh....think I still got 'em tucked away in a box somewhere.

The Costantino Family said...

hi there i am new to your site and i am enjoying reading it

Anonymous said...

"Anatomy of a keychain" is simply a great piece. Outstanding, heh heh

rcm said...

enjoy the trip!

... said...

If you don't like jazz you haven't heard the right stuff yet.

puremood said...

I have too many keys and very little pretty things on my keys - I'd show you but I doubt you wanna see LOL

BayouMaMa2 said...

I think you could write about biore' strips and make that seem interesting...oh wait! you did!

I also have a pretty apple thingie on my key chain given to me by a'll get plenty of those in the future, so if you lose it, don't replace it. ;-)

Have a safe trip!

MarylandMommy said...

My husband always says my keys look like the janitor's! Ha!

Have a great trip & post a ton of pics! I have never been to WA!!!

Kari said...

You can't have keys with out all the savings cards :)

Have a great trip!!

Mama Duck said...

Those curly thingies (yours if purple) are so great to just grab your keys and keep them on your wrist for quick jaunts out to the store. Very smart!!

MB said...

What about a car key? I have way too many keys. My keys alone weigh a ton. Yours are at least minimal and the ring is cute.

Curator said...

Cool pictorial HG, and NINjoy your trip! What I would give 2B in WA right now... this Cali heat is a killer.

Katy said...

Don't the blue thing and the purple thing have the same job??

Denise said...

Now about those grocery store cards - first, I covet your library card! Well not yours, because I don't think I live in your town so your library card won't do me a darn bit of good but I need my library to have those. I really REALLY need that.

And second, my girlfriend and I call those little store cards our "lesbian wedding rings". I recently scanned our "wedding rings" to share with friends when we renewed our vows with the addition of the Office Depot Card. You think I'm kidding? Well I'm not, we really did! Look -