July 31, 2005

BIRTHDAY IN THE HOUSE!! (belated...)

I was so busy this weekend that i missed Bekkah's birthday!??

Go wish her a happy LATE day!!! :)

Wedding fun!

I'm very short on time, so I'll make this quick....

The wedding was SOOO fun and now we're going to party some more! Here is a picture of some of the single girls at the wedding with me! :)

PS: That's me with the black and white dress with the helmet hair. :) I was dancin' good!

July 29, 2005

Off to the Wedding!! :)

Well, we're off. The wedding is in Coeur d'alene, so we're staying there for the weekend. All of the 15 cousins in a po-dunk motel! lol...I'll make sure I get a picture of it! :)

Bad news= I may not have internet. We'll see. If not, I won't post until Sunday night. So miss me!

See you guys soon!

More Stuff...

So, the search continues for more junk to get rid of.

THis is the front and back of a picture of my x-boyfriend gave me:

You may notice that he is a cowboy. You may also notice that we were in love. you may also notice that I was 13 at the time this was written. lol Sigh.

Here is something else I found amusing. :)

My old diary! : D Here is a page I thought you would find favorites.

Ok, this was '94. And I think the favorite colors scream that. And I HATE chinese food so that only leads me to believe that my bestfriend loved it.

But check out the song selection! lol

Next is my 8th grade home ec project:

Why we made pillows is beyond me. And I wish I would've picked something better then a boxing glove. The guy i had a crush on probably thought it was cool. The things you'll do for love... sigh.

Next is my 3rd grade class:


July 28, 2005

Ahhh...The Kickbacks of a cheap flight!

I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but hadn't had time. Well, I have time now and here it is.

When i discovered the MONSTER of a deal at, i was overwhelmed. I thought things like:

"Wow! These prices are just too good to be true!" and

"I'm practically an outlaw after making this big of a steal!"

But I was soon very skeptical.

This airline wasn't one that I was familiar with. But, I can tell you now that I wasn't disappointed.

For one, they made sure I got lots of fresh air and sunlight! :)

They even helped me face a few of my biggest fears!


and claustrophobia.....

Another fear they helped me focus on was the fear of my plane being overtaken by terrorists. As you can see, even someone as nice as me could have had access to the cockpit. :) I'm really glad cause I'd never do anything bad! :)

I even noticed some extra special maitenance measures!

I'm not sure what the papertowel is for...but it looks like it might be doing something important. SO i didn't ask. :)

July 27, 2005

SO much FUN!

Bet you're all sick of seeing pictures of me when i was kid. So I guess I'll share what i did today.

Gramma and I started out the morning on Aunt E's boat. :) The weather was amazing!! About 85 without a cloud in the sky!

Then we went out to lunch:

(Aunt E and Gramma)..................................(Gramma And Me)

Aunt E is getting married this weekend near the lake. :)

After lunch we decided to shop.....

......I found this wall of goodies that I could not stop laughing about! *those are men's undies*

Just when I thought it could not get funnier...grandma said:

" could get hubby to be one of these?"

To which I replied with tears of more laughter. :) I can't wait for the wedding!!! K...I'm so tired....

July 26, 2005

Hall of Shame...LOL

I was going to post a "Hall of Hair Shame" but decided to instead post a "Hall of Shame."

Please enjoy what I wish to forget!

Oh my, oh my. HG Cuts a Rug.

This was from a school dance.

It was VERY last minute and I was more happy about this selection then what K-mart gave me to wear originally.

I'm VERY picky about what I wear "out." You can imagine the fit I threw before we headed out the door.

Please notice the ARMY BOOTS! lol

And white socks....

And hair with NO makeup!

I thought it looked good...?

The Poster Child of Puberty. (center)

The girl to my right was one of my best friends, "dave."

We told everyone that we were cousins and they believed us.

She called me Jo and I called her Dave. I don't know why....but clearly we were two peas in a pod.

Just so you know....we planned to look this smug. We wanted to be the only ones...but weren't.

This was my rendition of "the Rachel."

This picture is wrong on so many levels.

My lip was kind of puffy from my addiction to chapstick medicated.

And what the heck is up with that smile!!? I didn't even notice it at the time!

Bad...very bad.

Mall Bangs: You know you had 'em!


Maybe you can see the reddish hue that my hair was. I dyed it and ended up looking like a carrot for a while. You can't really tell in this pic.

Shortly after this I grew them out and they looked even worse if you can imagine. :)

Btw...I did the curl on top of curl with the feather and spray approach.

Pool and Perm Don't Mix

I wanted a perm so bad that I was willing to NOT swim. :)

Uh, yeah, it didn't happen. Hence the perm gone body wave.

And the headband may only be blamed on my mother seeing that I was too young to make such a fashion faux pas.

July 23, 2005

Step Right Up! To My Circus of CRAP... PT 1

Coming home is a great time to find packed away treasures. It's also a great time to find all of the crap I saved that will NEVER, EVER use again. So, here it is:

First up is my last existing piece of flare (watch OFFICESPACE) :) My step dad found this for me. So glad.

Next up, I have my cell phone graveyard. Maybe I thought these cell phones would make a come back? Who knows. What I do know is that I have TWO of the same phone for no reason at all.

If I haven't mentioned it already, I have a crazy love for drugstore products!

This drawer was the one of THREE that did not make it out of the house.

I bought the blue aloe vera after a near death tanning-bed experience. I was on ice for 3 days and sported a pretty uneven tan after I healed.

The thermometor looking thing is to read how strong my breath is. It's an asthma thing.

The Tommy bag is a mistake. Don't even ask me why i kept it, or, above that, where I got it.

The headband thing was a gift from my best friend. i'm not sure why it is in there. in fact, I thought about it several times after the move. (I wore them BEFORE Jessica Simpson, so there!)

"Please don't go Girrrrlllll.....You would ruin my WHOLE worllld. Tell me you'll staaaaayyyyy...Never EVER goooo awayyyy!" Only my die-hard New Kids fans will appreciate this.

I was going to marry joey. Sigh. Are you even questioning me holding on to this?

In my early years of highschool my friend K-mart wanted to join a bowling league. K-mart also wanted me to join. This bowling ball was "borrowed" from a bowling alley that will remain nameless. I think there were shoes at one point as well. (PS Maybe I should return it.)

This is a valentine. A very OLD valentine. It is at least 5 years old. Once again, I don't know why i kept it.

This is Minda Gretal. :) Dad waited in line to buy her when I was about 2 years old. She's as old as she looks. I took her EVERYWHERE.

Why I kept these text books is beyond me. And I have no idea where or when i got that sucker.

July 22, 2005

Small Trip Down Memory Lane...

My favorite thing about being home is seeing all the "memories" that I still have saved in my old room. :) I'm, once again, in a I'll make this quick. :) Also, these are pictures of pictures so not much til i get the scanner up and running.

Here are me and two of my brothers.

I, of course, had my wrist strategically placed to model my Popples Watch :) and FAVORITE childhood tenni shoes! I LOVED pink.

( SIDE NOTE ON HOW MUCH I LOVED PINK: I wanted a ten speed with pinked curved handles SO bad that I tried to ride the neigbor girls and got hit by a car because I veared out into the road! True was around this age, too.)

Here's a few of me and my older brother....... We got accused of being twins all the time.

We were burried in the sand. This was the same vacation that I tried to outrun a wave and got carried off with it! lol...My life flashed before my eyes!

These pictures are not incriminating. However, I will soon be featuring the Hall of Hair Shame complete with my rendition of the Rachel from friends. Keep watching. :)

PS If I haven't mentioned that I am allergic to cats then I will do so now. My parents cats have taken up residence in my old crap. Here is all the proof I need! I uncovered this today...That's cat hair, not dirt.

July 21, 2005

Breakfast A La Airport

(HG) + ( 1 Bloody Mary) + (6:45AM Plane ride) - (Food & sleep) =

( No Choice but to buy and eat nasty airport omelette)

The bloody mary, in theory, was a good idea. It would calm me down enough to enjoy the plane ride and maybe take a nap.

It did relax me...

But I DIDN'T consider the nasty feeling I'd get after the 1080mg of salt and the 3oz of alcohol dehydrated me. You now understand why I took the giant risk and purchased my bittersweet breakfast. :)

(It made me feel better. It tasted as bad as "airport meal" sounds.)
Here is the view I experienced from "Colorado Trails" (that's what the diner was called, no joke!):
And HERE is the notorious omelette :)

Yes, dry as it looks.

How much did HG pay for this diehard dish and a bottle of water?

Please feel free to call the 800 and let them know what you think!

Also, notice the name on the top of the receipt. I wasn't making that up!! :)

It tasted bad, but this proves how hungry I was.

Next up! The "joys of getting a great deal on a ticket!" : )

July 20, 2005

Hi Guys!! Safe and Sound... :)

Well..I made it! With an easy plane ride, and I literally made a friend on the ride home! :)

I have been reunited with my bestest friend!

Picture taken by little T. :)


July 19, 2005

Should they stay, or should they go, now?

I believe it may be time to purchase new work shoes. :( Not only are they expensive...but I have a fondness for my old ones. I just can't decide by myself, so i will hold a trial.

All of you fancy, hi-tech, blog-readers can be the jury in......

Buying the New VS. Keeping the Old .
Humor Girl has been abusing her work shoes for coming on 1 year.
She has an attachment to these old shoes,
but they may not be suitable for work any longer.


I would like you all to know that these shoes RULE!
When i slide my feet into them I can feel the sole forming to my arches and toes!!
I sometimes slip them on and off when I'm bored at work so I can feel how perfectly molded they are to my feet!
(As a side note, I will also tell you that I mime going down a staircase when i am on the other side of the kitchen window. Thought you should know the states of my boredom.)

From my guests and co-workers points of views, these shoes are very handsome. A little worn, but classy.

They've been through a lot and appear to have withstood the test of time and wear.

Look at the tread!

Another great aspect of these shoes is that I have NO feet pain!!

Some of the main causes of my foot pain are..... high arches............................and my freak foot bone.

So, having a comfortable shoe is CRUCIAL. I truly love these shoes. It will be hard to part with them.



Ok, I wasn't kidding when I said that I've worn these shoes well. Here is the MAIN reason I am debating their retirement.

This is SIMILAR (besides that button thing) to the body style of my shoe before I used them for work. Take particular notice of the heel.

These are anadulterated pictures of my work shoes now:

After slipping them on and off for many, many shifts...the heel has finally given in. I'm not sure if "mules" are allowed to be worn at work....?



They may LOOK bad...But look closer!!!

They are MOLDED to my foot! You can see toes...the balls of my feet...AND my arch support!!

AND...the DON'T stink! I swear!! :)



Just looking at my shoes makes me feel like I am breaking some sort of health code for even THINKING about wearing them.