January 30, 2006

Ladies Night Out!

Yeah, it's been a while.....

My two greatest friends and I went to a Hockey Game courtesy of our boss.

Platinum level....
box seats....
executive sweet.....!

This also means we had access to the executive level Bar...which means we did not pay for ANYTHING because expense accounts were running rampant. I saw our groups bill.... $329. From the first place we went.

These are my two favorite friends (and me) in the limosine after the game....

And here is us again at a bar that was WAAAAYYYYYYY too packed and WAYYYYYYYYY toooooooo smokey! and blech I had a headache for 5 days following.

So..My headache is FINALLY gone...and I have SOOOO much homework to do. Back to my cave.

January 23, 2006

Random pics.

OK, I saw this girl in my class and HAD to take a picture. Please don't tell me I'm mean. Mullets are bad.

Kind of like this crumby picture.

Now for much cuter things. I found this picture of my brothers dog on my phone....

Could you not eat her up! This is how she lays down!

Spread That toy she's chewing on is her carebear...HER carebear! She is so spoiled.

And now something ugly again.... This is MW's mascot for his school...

It's a real stuffed bobcat.... And he says they're posted up all around his school.

January 19, 2006

Petroleum is my middle name.


"Make a handmade coversheet for your notebook. Make it as creative and colorful as you want!"

An hour later with a pen and some highlighters...

I will now see this mess for the rest of the semester.

Yeah, apparently I'm 14.

Now, off the subject, but my skin is so freaking weird. I have to use "fragrance free" crap like this:

And use paste-like lotion like this on my face:

Seriously, that "cream" means business.

I've even had to stoop as low as using VASELINE instead of lotion for my face!?

But don't worry, I put the kabbosh on that when I found this amazing face lotion that looks and feels JUST like vaseline but isn't so I'm not a greasy freak that puts vaseline on their face!!:

(yeah, it says ointment!? SO!?)

PERSON: "why is your face shiny?"

So, I also have trouble with face soaps...And since Dove RUDELY stopped making mine I've been forced to find something else that's fragrance/dye free and ISN'T FOAMING!? BECAUSE DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND SENSITIVE SKIN IS USUALLY DRY!? SHA!?

Here is my brilliant find....

It's one of those "tissue" off soaps. It works AWESOME...

And yeah....

It's like...


Ok, now something cool I got for 6 bucks!

Please replace the sunburn-red for cranberry because that is the color that it is and I wouldn't have bought it if it looked as trashy as this picture:

What is it HG!?

A PILL BOX! Thank you fossil.

January 16, 2006


I need to stop! I'm out of control! It all started the Christmas of 1989 when I got the ENTIRE set of Babysitters Club Books 1-67 (I was 7 years old). I spent the next 3 months reading ALL of them! I would hide in my bathroom at night so my parents wouldn't know I was awake. This was the beginning of my serious book addiction!

Today, this love for books has turned into binge buying and spending tons of time browsing WHEREVER books are sold. The grocery store, the Drug Store, Christian Gift STore, ANYWHERE!! I even have a Barnes and Noble Memebership card that has paid for itself 4 times over. Here are some of my recent blunders:

For school, I had to read a book called One Child by Torey Hayden. I bought it....

It was SO good that I went back to Barnes and Noble and bought.......3 more!?

Have I read them? Yeah, NO, I haven't. Why did I buy 3??

A few summers ago I read Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. AWESOME Book! You should SERIOUSLY read it! I loved it so you see where this is going?

...that I bought 2 more by him and have yet to read them.

Oooh!! Oprah has James Frey on her show! I MUST have A Million Little Pieces!
And THANK YOU Barnes and Noble marketing exec for displaying Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris right next to it!

Started both. Finished neither.

My FAVORITE place to browse for books is definitely Target!
They have a their "Bookmarked Club" and it has AWESOME selections. But what I've been doing, is looking for the books there, and heading over to 1/2 Price Books WELLL.......

I did just that the other day and came out with these two awesome books!...

Both for awesomely low prices! But I COULDN'T stop there!

I'm OUT OF CONTROL! I'm telling you! I haven't finished ANY of them!?

When I went shopping for new work shoes, I strolled into Waldon Books for a peak...Hey! I saw red stickers! It was buy 3 get the 4th free! SLAM!

And look what I got for NOTHING!...

Shall I seriously continue??

After I sold my books back last semester I decided to treat myself to a fun book....or two. And I needed a book for the plane!

I got half-way through Pledged before I spotted this book with my mom when i was home....

It's awesome so far and I asure you i will finish it!!

So, book addiction runs on both sides of the family. My grandma gave me these to read while I was home....

And my mom gave me this one...

Now that I've been home for less then a week, I went out on another excursion. I needed a book for MW and me to read together... (ooooooooohhhh!! :))


Store numero Uno...maybe this one'll work...

and cha-ching!! Gift with Purchase, baby!!

Store numero dos...why buy 1 when you can buy the ENTIRE SET!!!!?


And I saw this on my way to the register... HEY! He was on Oprah!?


January 14, 2006

Yes. I am a thief.

I have an awesome program that lets me steal stuff off of the internet. Stuff like WORKOUT VIDEOS and awesome music. I have recently "stolen" a workout video that I would like to share with all of you.

I now present.....

Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease

Confused applause...some faint booing

Now, please, hear me out! The "lap dance" routines are hysterical, cheesy, and not worth doing. BUT! The "dance" and "stripper" routines ROCK! She says lame things like:

"never underestimate the finger in the mouth ladies! If you commit to it, you'll get sexier in no time." &

"a librarian is never complete without her scarf and glasses."

But if you ignore that and focus on the routines and RULES!

Something else I've pirated.....


VERY relaxing..and AWESOME stretches! HIGHLY recommend.

January 12, 2006

And the Award for World's Worst Long Distance GF goes to??

I suck as a human. I am the world's WORST Long distance girlfriend. EVER. Things that don't bother me, BOTHER ME, when I'm 2000 miles away from the person i want to be with. Honestly, I got upset about an ex-girlfriend from 4 years ago!? Holy crap this is lame! I had no problems when I was with him! The only disagreement we had was over how often he should tell me I'm beautiful.

HG: "Tell me I'm Pretty!"
MW: "No. Then it won't mean anything"
HG: "Yes it will! I really want to hear it right now!! Tell me"
MW: "No."
HG: "You're seriously not going to say it??"
HG: "Are you serious!?"
MW: "Yes. I want it to mean something."
HG: "fine. (that's when i made my grande exit and brushed my teeth.)

I'd be lying, though, if I said that was our only fight. We are both HORRIBLE losers at MarioKart

When I was losing:

MW: "What's the matter?"
HG: "seriously, don't talk to me right now!!"

When he was losing"

HG: "Yess! I finally beat you!"
MW: "Press the restart button!"
HG: "just a second! I want to see myself on the first place podium! (in MarioKart, you have to restart the system if you don't want to watch the entire ceremony for the winners at the end.)"
MW: ((Climbing over me to push the restart button.))

But, in all seriousness, we didn't fight. We had so much fun together and are a naturally great fit. So, why, now that we're apart, do I have to SUCK!? And be sucky!? And say sucky needy things!?


January 08, 2006

Miss You All!

Well..My trip to Spokane is almost over. :(

I have spent a week with my friends, family, and Mr. Wonderful.

I have yet to get ANY pictures with him or anyone else because I've been so busy and forgot to take my camera every night.

I have, however, found some more pictures of me when i was little. Here's a few and I'll see you all when I get home.