January 23, 2006

Random pics.

OK, I saw this girl in my class and HAD to take a picture. Please don't tell me I'm mean. Mullets are bad.

Kind of like this crumby picture.

Now for much cuter things. I found this picture of my brothers dog on my phone....

Could you not eat her up! This is how she lays down!

Spread That toy she's chewing on is her carebear...HER carebear! She is so spoiled.

And now something ugly again.... This is MW's mascot for his school...

It's a real stuffed bobcat.... And he says they're posted up all around his school.


Mike said...

I always laugh when I see a mullet.....and fight the urge to let 'em know the 90's are over.

Humor Girl said...

90's? lol..that's pushin' it! I'll give them 80's.

Busted Flip Flop said...

eek! uhm, no mullets were never ok...ever...never ever...nope...not

Awww puppy!

Awww extended puppy!!

eek!! What's with the intensely red tongue! eeeek!!

Heather said...

That bobcat freaks me out!

Patyrish said...

Mullet's are the best! LOL
That cat scares me.....that one tooth gives me the willies!

MarylandMommy said...

The bobcat freaks me out too!!!

Darlene said...

Who needs caffeine when you have that cat to wake you up in the morning. My kids were all looking at this before school sayings, "Holy that's freaky!"

I love your blog. It's fun and fresh.

KV said...

Tag you're it. Go to my site, copy and paste the questions and I look forward to reading your answers :-)

LeighAnn said...

OK, I am going to have nightmares about that bobcat!

Marel Lecone said...

OK. That bobcat is just frightening! :)

Mike said...

Hey lil missy!?!

I'm not so sure that Mr. Wonderful is so wonderful if he's cutting into your blogging

(just kidding)

But...a poll was taken...and you're way, way over due for another post.

La Bella said...

Hi there!
I found your blog through Michelle. And I had to blogroll it! I read through some of your entries and found myself smiling the whole way through. That's when I know I found a good blog to read!

About the mullet: LMAO That's just wrong... I mean, geez... don't the parents realize that they have feelings too? LOL

The dog: He's super cute! He lays down like my Buddy does. He spreads out his legs like that too... too cute!

Look forward to reading you and visiting more often!


Angela said...

WOW!!! How would you like to see that everywhere you go. Scary!!! (Talking about the cat, not the mullet, though....yikes).