January 12, 2006

And the Award for World's Worst Long Distance GF goes to??

I suck as a human. I am the world's WORST Long distance girlfriend. EVER. Things that don't bother me, BOTHER ME, when I'm 2000 miles away from the person i want to be with. Honestly, I got upset about an ex-girlfriend from 4 years ago!? Holy crap this is lame! I had no problems when I was with him! The only disagreement we had was over how often he should tell me I'm beautiful.

HG: "Tell me I'm Pretty!"
MW: "No. Then it won't mean anything"
HG: "Yes it will! I really want to hear it right now!! Tell me"
MW: "No."
HG: "You're seriously not going to say it??"
HG: "Are you serious!?"
MW: "Yes. I want it to mean something."
HG: "fine. (that's when i made my grande exit and brushed my teeth.)

I'd be lying, though, if I said that was our only fight. We are both HORRIBLE losers at MarioKart

When I was losing:

MW: "What's the matter?"
HG: "seriously, don't talk to me right now!!"

When he was losing"

HG: "Yess! I finally beat you!"
MW: "Press the restart button!"
HG: "just a second! I want to see myself on the first place podium! (in MarioKart, you have to restart the system if you don't want to watch the entire ceremony for the winners at the end.)"
MW: ((Climbing over me to push the restart button.))

But, in all seriousness, we didn't fight. We had so much fun together and are a naturally great fit. So, why, now that we're apart, do I have to SUCK!? And be sucky!? And say sucky needy things!?



Heather said...

It's not sucky to want to be told you're beautiful (which in fact you ARE). More to the point MW is just a YOUNG man... when they grow up (meaning like starting around 30) they learn the error of this (hopefully).

Did you notice my post had a lot of asides? LOL

Jaime said...

Awww... distance can do funny things - don't beat yourself up!! Besides, just blame your girl hormones. :)

allison said...

b/c you want to be with him but can't. you're dealing with the frustraion by getting angry. we all do it. you're not alone.

Wethyb said...

You do that cuz you're human...and you're a girl. I was like that a lot when I dated someone long distance. He wasn't nearly as far away, but still far enough. Allison hit the nail on the head.

Keep your chin up sweety.

Anonymous said...

she also left out the rest of that conversation:

MW: you're beautiful
HG:(upset tone) NOW YOU TELL ME!!! i can't believe this!!
MW: (confused look) now you're mad at me for telling you?

it lost ALL spontaneity and the moment was ruined

guys can never win... they always get the short end

LeighAnn said...

It will be ok. And he should have told you how beautiful you are. You tell him it may not mean anything to him, but it would have meant a lot to you!

The secret to a relationship is COMPROMISE. Coming from someone who has been married over 16 years and still in love!

Anonymous said...

OH, and about the whole mario kart thing... i whooped her butt everytime EXCEPT ONCE, and that one loss apparently cost me the world. She was soooo upset that she was losing evertime that she wouldn't even let me look her, she didn't give me ANY room gloat, but as soon as she got that ONE win it was non-stop (all authentic HG quotes):

"are you watching this?"
"... yeah, i think you lost..."
"wait, i want to see WHO tops the podium..."
"you are SUCH a sore loser...
"do you realize that you're such a horrible loser?"

and she couldn't let it go, apparently that one win gave her bragging rights for the next century. you guys really need to see satan... i mean, HG behind the wheel in mario kart first hand... It's scary...completely new person... seriously, frightened me to death.

with love


Humor Girl said...

lol!! ((shame))

MW: I CAN'T believe you didn't get ahead with 3 LIGHTENING BOLTS!?!?! SERIOUSLY!?

Marel Lecone said...

Because we are women. :) I'm the worst [wife] and he is right under my nose. :) Have a great weekend.

rcm said...

from the guy's point of view :P and having been in the same situation we want to have our gf around so we too are "missing something" and when we do get to talk and frictional topics arise our desire to be there gets even stronger, because I think guys have a hard time coming across right on the phone and would rather be talking face to face. i found that words can become pretty powerful as well as expressed needs while apart, because in the end most of us guys will do anything for our loved one and when we can't i think it makes us feel bad and kills our self esteem.

Marisa said...

You are a chick...chicks, we suck at that stuff. LOL

Patyrish said...

Long distance relationships can be hard....but rewarding too. Hang in there, I am sure all will be fine!