January 19, 2006

Petroleum is my middle name.


"Make a handmade coversheet for your notebook. Make it as creative and colorful as you want!"

An hour later with a pen and some highlighters...

I will now see this mess for the rest of the semester.

Yeah, apparently I'm 14.

Now, off the subject, but my skin is so freaking weird. I have to use "fragrance free" crap like this:

And use paste-like lotion like this on my face:

Seriously, that "cream" means business.

I've even had to stoop as low as using VASELINE instead of lotion for my face!?

But don't worry, I put the kabbosh on that when I found this amazing face lotion that looks and feels JUST like vaseline but isn't so I'm not a greasy freak that puts vaseline on their face!!:

(yeah, it says ointment!? SO!?)

PERSON: "why is your face shiny?"

So, I also have trouble with face soaps...And since Dove RUDELY stopped making mine I've been forced to find something else that's fragrance/dye free and ISN'T FOAMING!? BECAUSE DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND SENSITIVE SKIN IS USUALLY DRY!? SHA!?

Here is my brilliant find....

It's one of those "tissue" off soaps. It works AWESOME...

And yeah....

It's like...


Ok, now something cool I got for 6 bucks!

Please replace the sunburn-red for cranberry because that is the color that it is and I wouldn't have bought it if it looked as trashy as this picture:

What is it HG!?

A PILL BOX! Thank you fossil.

7 comments: said...

Yes that folder does look like something my sister made when she was 14!

Anonymous said...

You know, you seriously are a gifted writer! I so look forward to reading your posts. Thanks for cheering me up!

I got one of those pill boxes by Coach. I have used it for years. Never leave home without it. People will love it when they ask if you have Tylenol and you pull that out. Cool Beans!

Patyrish said...

Well HG, if it's any all your pictures you look like you have GREAT skin! LOL With all those products though it better be great! Oh and that Eucerin is JUST LIKE PASTE! When I saw that tube I DIED LAUGHING!
As for your notebook coversheet, I like it! My favorite part is the cool flower on the left side...I used to doodle those all the time when I was bored at school!
Can't complain though, really who gets an assignment to doodle!? Easy *A* if you ask me! ;-)

Heather said...

how many pills do you take that you need a huge pillbox? It's cute though.

Mike said...

So...moving to a dry climate is out huh?

LAMommyof3 said...

Oh good grief - you seriously had to decorate your notebook cover? LOL

BayouMaMa2 said...

So, not only are you a gifted writer, but a gifted ar-teest (yeah, yeah...i know how to spell artist.)

Ok, what did Dove stop making? Because I was planning to switch back to Dove when I finished my bottle of Phisoderm. I used to get so many compliments on my skin when I was washing my face with Dove. I know, that sounds vain. Look, when you're my age, you do what you gotta do. ;-)