July 19, 2005

Should they stay, or should they go, now?

I believe it may be time to purchase new work shoes. :( Not only are they expensive...but I have a fondness for my old ones. I just can't decide by myself, so i will hold a trial.

All of you fancy, hi-tech, blog-readers can be the jury in......

Buying the New VS. Keeping the Old .
Humor Girl has been abusing her work shoes for coming on 1 year.
She has an attachment to these old shoes,
but they may not be suitable for work any longer.


I would like you all to know that these shoes RULE!
When i slide my feet into them I can feel the sole forming to my arches and toes!!
I sometimes slip them on and off when I'm bored at work so I can feel how perfectly molded they are to my feet!
(As a side note, I will also tell you that I mime going down a staircase when i am on the other side of the kitchen window. Thought you should know the states of my boredom.)

From my guests and co-workers points of views, these shoes are very handsome. A little worn, but classy.

They've been through a lot and appear to have withstood the test of time and wear.

Look at the tread!

Another great aspect of these shoes is that I have NO feet pain!!

Some of the main causes of my foot pain are..... high arches............................and my freak foot bone.

So, having a comfortable shoe is CRUCIAL. I truly love these shoes. It will be hard to part with them.



Ok, I wasn't kidding when I said that I've worn these shoes well. Here is the MAIN reason I am debating their retirement.

This is SIMILAR (besides that button thing) to the body style of my shoe before I used them for work. Take particular notice of the heel.

These are anadulterated pictures of my work shoes now:

After slipping them on and off for many, many shifts...the heel has finally given in. I'm not sure if "mules" are allowed to be worn at work....?



They may LOOK bad...But look closer!!!

They are MOLDED to my foot! You can see toes...the balls of my feet...AND my arch support!!

AND...the DON'T stink! I swear!! :)



Just looking at my shoes makes me feel like I am breaking some sort of health code for even THINKING about wearing them.





Curator said...


Screw the health code. Sporting comfy old shoes are mandatory.

Case closed HG.

midwest_hick said...

They still got plenty of miles left in em....keep em!!

MG said...

Actually, even though you are just a slip of a thing, typically shoes are broken down after 3-6 months of wear. Though they may not feel all that bad, you really should get some new shoes for better support. It will affect your feet, legs, and back. Wear 'em just for work and slip back into the old comfies afterward.

whatupthen said...

No, thank YOU for visiting MY site. I must've found HG at know I visit lots of pages to steal ide...I mean, support fellow bloggers. When I get my audio going in earnest I'll be sure to pass along a link!

Keep the work shoes and buy new casual shoes for yourself. I recommend these.

Amy said...

Keep them! Who else wears a size 8 at work? Where will I go when I need a shoe change mid-shift?!

Humor Girl said...

Curator- I agree...but a manager at work who will remain nameless but who's name starts with an E saw them and said I should get new I wouldn't take him seriously.

Midwest Hick- I agree. :)

MG- Ooh..good point. I guess I always like the excuse to buy new shoes.

Whatup- I loved it! It was fun! And I LOVE your suggestion!!

Amy- Ok, for those of you that don't know, Amy is my beautiful friend from work that has the exact same size shoe as me!! We trade shoes sometimes to give us a change of pace...:) Amy, you rule girl!

PS Amy is SUCKY and is leaving to go back home and she really sucks cause I love her and love talking trash with her...and I HATE YOU FOR LEAVING ME!!!

puremood said...

Well, as long as they feel good, that's wha counts... LOL

Billy said...

Observation #1 They look structurally sound. Just get some black shoe polish and shine them up.They look like they have life in them yet.

Observation #2 You have some really nice arches.

Observation #3 You love these shoes yet you have started to think about buying additional shoes. I have seen this senario play itself out with folks I know here in my world. If what I have observed concerning the nature of the female of the species holds true you will have those new shoes within the next couple of weeks.

BlackOps said...

HG you are just too crazy and too funny, this country needs more girls like you, no joke, you are amazing!!

millennium hippies said...

the shoes don't look worn on the outside, i wouldn't toss them...and i could totally FEEL how they feel on the inside from your description. i say-keep the old ones, buy the new ones, and rotate them! that way your old ones will last even longer.

Leesa said...

Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!! Comfortable shoes are most important when working!

Ms. Q said...

Buy new ones for work and keep the old ones for home. duh! That's a no-brainer. You have to present a professional appearance at work! No matter what job you do.

Also, I just got busted at work for looking at pictures of your feet. Thanks! Thanks a lot! You really should warn us about that kind of thing!

Also, beware foot fetishists. They will totally stalk you now since you have totally hot arches!

TheMartins said...

Oh tough choice... I feel the torment between the 2 decisions. :o) Why not do both? And here is my thought on it... Yes they are expenisve. so if you can afford it why not get news ones and slowly break them in so when the other ones bite the dust then you can just put your lil toesy in a comfy shoe vs. the waiting period of breaking in the new ones. So you can keep your old comfy ones that personally like fine and have a long life ahead of them but still have a back up just in case.

Just this juror's opinion. :o)

Anonymous said...

you did it again!!


millennium hippies said...

hiya...i posted a logic puzzle to my blog. i used your blog as one of the clues, hope you don't mind! :) :)

Roxanne said...

Omg girl you're hilarious! I love your blogs and you're gorgeous!

Billy said...

I created an account with sitemeter many months ago with no ill affects. I really enjoy seeing the number of visitors per day and the regions of the world they were clicking from.

Chief Slacker said...

What you need to do is take them to a good shoe shop and have them do a litlte touching up, they can rebuild the heel and buff em up all nice. and it'll most likely be cheaper than a new pair! check it out!

MarylandMommy said...

I am such a sucker for old comfy shoes.....I have a really hard time buying new ones.....

Lex said...

I like the old ones. But I've been wearing the same shoes for nearly 3 years. And I got a compliment on them last week.

BayouMaMa2 said...

I am in awe of how you can make an interesting topic about anything. Girl...go get you some new shoes (you know you want to) *chuckle* and interchange them until the other ones are conformed to your foot. I understand about high arches...take care of that...or you will have bunyans (no, I don't have any). Of course, that could always make for an interesting photo-op. Hee hee!

MacManus said...

You know the moment you try to replace these "old faithfuls" you will disappointed by the new ones and they will end up sitting in that nice clean wardrobe of yours just cluttering it up ;)

smoothjess said...

I personally prefer to be barefoot as often as I can.

Sorry, that didn't help at all did it? I'm new to your blog but I likes what I sees.

Bekkah said...

OMG! Too funny! I have those shoes, the ones under 'prosecution' with the buttons!! I'm not too fond of the buttons, but omigoodness...they are soooo comfy! I have them in brown. So, if those are your other option...I say keep the old ones for when you're not working and get the new ones for when you are working. There's a saying that: The best way to forget your troubles is to wear tight shoes. Because basically, there's NOTHING WORSE than uncomfortable shoes!!

Michael said...

I say keep 'em...comfy shoes are hard to find and it sounds like you've got 'em good and just the way you want them!

Sheri said...

Get the new shoes, and start breaking them in now, before the old shoes completely give up the ghost. Then you are least have them as backups!

fudgebumpkin said...

New shoes, new shoes.

A few months of wearing them and you will regret ever continuing to wear those tired old ones.

Seriously, they're ugly. They probably looked good when you first bought them, but now they just give off the aura that you're careless and cheap.