July 07, 2005

Thunderstorms Rule! And look how cute she is!

Since I'm a loser and can't think of anything fun to post, I am going to post that it is raining here. :)

Our golden retriever Sarah is mom's dog. She follows her everywhere throughout the day, sleeps at her feet under her computer, and falls to pieces when she's gone.

However, THIS is Sarah when there is thunder outside:

She goes to Dad when she's really scared. Sweet sarah.

(She just got back from the beauty parlor...that's where she got he red bandanna! :))

I'll be back later.


K...I'm back. I am working on a post right now, but it's not done. Until then, here are some pics of the lovely Miss Sarah. :)

She literally smiles!

This is her favorite toy. It fell down the drain out front once and she wouldn't forget that it was there. I couldn't figure out what she was quietly staring at. I went over there and it was her toy at the bottem of the rain drain.

Is she not awesome! This was 2 days after she got groomed (you can see her blue bandanna). Mom went inside for 2 seconds and she got in! She was in trouble...but isn't she so cute!

She's staring at dad, waiting for him to play more! ADORABLE!

I love her!

Me, sister, and H had a slumber party. We did karaoke...I bet you can imagine how that went. Sarah wanted to be one of the girls.

You see her paw on Sister's leg?? She does that when she wants attention...or usually because you JUST finished petting her. She'll tell you that you're not finished. How can you resist?

Last but not least....this is Sarah with dad's sock in her mouth. lol. She takes his socks, but doesn't chew them up. She just holds them. It's the funniest thing.

Ok...A more interesting post will be here shortly.


TheMartins said...

She is adorable! I am SO jealous! I wish it would storm here... in turn we get 111 degrees outside today! Yay us... LOL Talk to you soon

MB said...

Our last shepherd hated thunder storms, but the three we have now, seem to do okay. Love the bandana! She looks so cute. What a love!

kimananda said...

What is it with Goldens and bandanas? Clearly a match made in heaven.

KV said...

I thought Seattle was the only town in the USA where it still rains in July. I guess I was

naughtygirl said...

awww i like the one where shes getting ready to jump in the pool

Marel Lecone said...

What a cutie! The bandana makes me think about my Gizmo--I lost him 8/9/03. It's wierd--I remember the date as if he died but he got out of the house that day. By the time I went to look for him, two hours had already passed. So sad. I blame me for the whole thing. Sorry. But, you're dog is really precious and sweet. Oh, the love.

xsapph said...

I love your site, I felt pretty low after the bombings in London as friends of mine were delayed coming back from there to my Spinning sessions (at the gym I work at parttime) the hotel was heavily secured, where I worked this evening instructing and there was an ominous sense of dread around us... drivers everyplace had the same look, one of quiet reflection... radios on...

Tess Harrison said...

What a cutie! Makes me want a dog. We have cats. But I've always loved golden retrievers

Billy said...

Wow this site gives me a happy silly kinda feeling. I was impressed with the number of comments you have but then I took a gander at your profile image and it all started to make cense. Of course if this wasn't the internet I would never be so bold.

Thanks for transmitting your happy life to the masses and spreading the joy!

God bless!

MG said...

Awesome dog. My landlord won't lemme' have one. =(

I really miss having one in the house too.

TheMartins said...

Also those extra pics are awesome! She looks like a wonderful doggie!

Suzanne said...

Love your dog! :) We have Aussies and they smile, too. It's so cute.

rcm said...

awesome dog, between golden retrievers and labs i dont think you can find a better pet

rcm said...

oh ya, i agree that thunderstorms rock! had some thunder today that shook the walls :D

Humor Girl said...

themartins- I know!! She's our love!

mb- you said it!!

Kimananda- I know! lol...a match made in heaven!

KV- Yep, rains a lot here, too. But i won't disclose where "here" is because Iron Chef freaked me out about my security and now I won't tell anyone anything about me and am scared that someone will find me!!!??? hehehe

Jerzee- she'd live in that pool if she could.

Marel- I'm so sorry.... :( That dog probably made someone else a VERY happy owner. :)

Sapphire- Thanks! ANd I'm so sorry to hear about that. What a tragedy.


Billy- :) You're so sweet. I'm not sure what to say, other then keep being bold!! We love it! And you're very welcome.

mg- I know...they're like family.

Suzanne- what dog? You mean our baby, sarah? hehehe...I know, they're the best!

RCM- It's the truth...labs and retrievers are the best. And a while back we had lightening strike RIGHT outside of our house. It completely shorted out our surround-sound transmitter thingy. Haha...whatever gives sound to the speakers. It was LOUD and you could feel the electricity.

Kim said...

Awww! Adorable little gal! Makes me miss my dog Toby. :(

rcm said...

haha, awesome, close encounters with lightning, can't beat that :)

puremood said...

OK, folks sayin' they cant keep up with you - look at you girl - I reckon they haven't visited here. I'm slackin' big time *LOL* You've always got something good to blog! LOL Keep it up....

Sheri said...

She's a beautiful dog.

Moogie said...

Oh my gosh! She is adorable. How could ANYONE resist sweet Sarah? I'm a serious dog lover (I have 3) and am resisting my neighbors attempts to get me to adopt a blond lab puppy that was mistreated by her previous owners. I can see why you love Sarah so much. She is absolutely precious!