July 26, 2005

Hall of Shame...LOL

I was going to post a "Hall of Hair Shame" but decided to instead post a "Hall of Shame."

Please enjoy what I wish to forget!

Oh my, oh my. HG Cuts a Rug.

This was from a school dance.

It was VERY last minute and I was more happy about this selection then what K-mart gave me to wear originally.

I'm VERY picky about what I wear "out." You can imagine the fit I threw before we headed out the door.

Please notice the ARMY BOOTS! lol

And white socks....

And hair with NO makeup!

I thought it looked good...?

The Poster Child of Puberty. (center)

The girl to my right was one of my best friends, "dave."

We told everyone that we were cousins and they believed us.

She called me Jo and I called her Dave. I don't know why....but clearly we were two peas in a pod.

Just so you know....we planned to look this smug. We wanted to be the only ones...but weren't.

This was my rendition of "the Rachel."

This picture is wrong on so many levels.

My lip was kind of puffy from my addiction to chapstick medicated.

And what the heck is up with that smile!!? I didn't even notice it at the time!

Bad...very bad.

Mall Bangs: You know you had 'em!


Maybe you can see the reddish hue that my hair was. I dyed it and ended up looking like a carrot for a while. You can't really tell in this pic.

Shortly after this I grew them out and they looked even worse if you can imagine. :)

Btw...I did the curl on top of curl with the feather and spray approach.

Pool and Perm Don't Mix

I wanted a perm so bad that I was willing to NOT swim. :)

Uh, yeah, it didn't happen. Hence the perm gone body wave.

And the headband may only be blamed on my mother seeing that I was too young to make such a fashion faux pas.


Amy said...

Yes, i sported the doo doo roll too! We SO would have been friends back in the day!

puremood said...

Hey, those pics dont' look that old - so you can't be that old... my childhood photos look much worse! LOL

Tess Harrison said...

Those pics aren't too bad. I cringe at the thought of pulling out some of my old photos. You're a brave girl!

MG said...


If I were a girl, and it came down to swimming or a perm....I'd choose swimming as well. No worries. ;)

BlackOps said...

I think you and your hair grew up just fine.

Kim said...

Heh. I think I had the exact same outfit you're wearing in the first picture.

Marel Lecone said...

really nice pics--I especially like the last one--aww, how cute!

TheMartins said...

Girl we are like the same age seriously! and I SO have pics like that!!! I think they are buried somewhere. But to be honest the pictures aren't bad at all. I have much worse ones. Maybe I will try to find them and put them up for you to see. :o) Hope you are having a great trip still. Talk to you soon.

Leesa said...

Those pics are great!! Isn't it funny to go back and see bad hair?? I have several!

Curator said...

Hehe, now that's a cool post HG.

I like the pic of you next to "dave". You have a look like "WTF am I doing here..."

Good stuff.

Guppyman said...

Awwwwweeee... weren't you too cute.....

Melissa said...

I have pictures similar to all of those. How funny!

Mama Duck said...

I'm sure I had the SAME mall-bangs too! Fantastic...please let our children be delivered from bad hairstyles. Those of us growing up in the 70s and 80s had enough to allow future decades to be spared.

BayouMaMa2 said...

You don't look so bad...I grew up during the 80's...punky styles, shoulder pads, and that's scary! You are a woman with lots of intestinal fortitude. That's why we love ya!