July 14, 2005

I Got Tagged....

I tried to avoid it, but Ms. Q got me. Hope I don't bore you all to tears..but here we go. :)

10 Years Ago:

I met my BEST friend MJ(no pic...but will have plenty after vaca). It was my first day of 8th grade at a new school. First Period Home Ec:

MJ: "Wanna get out of here?"
Me: "Sure...?"
MJ: stands up, pulls me up with her.... "We're going to go be Teacher's Assistants's"

We stood up, walked out, and spent the first half of our 8th grade year "refereeing" P.E. sports for other people in our grade. We are still bestfriends.

5 Years Ago:

I obtained this mugshot from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

I am too cheap to buy a new one...and this doesn't expire until '09.

Please know that I waited for 1 1/2 hours amongst bratty children.

1 Year Ago:
I came unprepared for this photo. But I am now a proud Sam's Club Member. :)

Yesterday: I worked. And caught up on The Real World. :)

Today: I made this post...and went to work.

Tomorrow: Nothing much until my vacation!! :)

Yep...there's more.

A FEW OF MY FAVORITES! : ) (It's supposed to be five...but I'm lazy)

Snacks You Enjoy: You choose. Anything chocolate. I also LOVE Baked Lays.

Bands You Know Lyrics To:

Hmm... Metallica....LIT....Kelly Clarkson....Jessica Simpson....Dixie Chicks.....K, I don't want to keep going.

THings I Would Do With $100,000,000:

Tithe. Pay off Debt. Quit job. Finish School. Wine and Dine ALL the time! :)

Locations I'd Like To Run Away To:

California. Hawaii. Anywhere tropical where I could be in a swimsuit all the time! :) But where hoodie sweaters at night.

BAD Habits I Have:

I play with my ears...(I've done it since I was a baby)

I twirl my pen! If I'm reading...writing...doesn't matter. If I have a pen..i'm twirling it. (The bottem pic is the second in order)

Things I Like Doing:
Playing sports....Playing cards!....Blogging....Watching TV....Going out with Girlfriends!! Always, always praise God :)

Things I Would NEVER WEAR:

Half shirts.....tapered jeans.

TV Shows I Like:

Ultimate right now is...

But here is our current To Do List for the upstairs TV:

And here is what's already recorded


Movies I Like: So many more. Like Best in Show and Zoolander...(Which I did not feel like going downstairs to get)

Famous People I'd Like To Meet: SIgh....Patrick Dempsey. I already met him. And it was amazing. :)

Biggest Joys at the Moment: We babysat D...and that was great! Also, my vacation!!! :)

Favorite Toys:

<-------Of COURSE, my laptop,

my camera--->

<-------Dad's Pocket Dictionary which will be confiscated when realized missing

.....and last, but not least, my phone---->


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your posts...very refreshing. :)

MacManus said...

Great answers :)We have just got Grey's Anatomy over here in NZ and I'm a little undecided as yet. I have a question for you though...Do you ever sleep!!?? lmao

Marci (aka Baby Banana) said...

I love Grey's. Patrick Dempsey is so hot, I want to marry him. We are imagining now that he is not already married.

Bekkah said...

HG: I enjoyed your answers!! More Questions for you: 1) What channel is Grey's Anatomy on? Never heard of it?! 2) What's the legal driving age in your state?? You look SOOO young in that pic!! LOL! 3) I didn't see Tommy Boy in your pic of favorite's hysterical if you haven't seen it!! :)

KV said...

Grey's Anatomy is based right here in Seattle :-)

Billy said...

Hey are those Blue Bell Fudge bars in your freezer. I love those!


Billy said...


Marel Lecone said...

I haven't got into Grey's Anatomy yet. I guess I will have to put that on my To Do List.:)

rcm said...

awesome post; great to see the camera get its mugshot :)

KARY said...

Great post. Keep it up!

Humor Girl said...

anonymous- Thank you! But who are you? :)

Paul- Yes, I sleep! lol...Not much last night though. :)

Babybanana- Yes...We all want to marry him. Sigh...

Bekkah- Not sure what channel cause we Tivo. As for the driving age, I was about 18-19 when i took that pic! lol NO makeup...
And, yes, Tommy Boy RULES! lol

KV- I know! Another reason why it's so awesome! :)

Billy- YES...yes they are. :)

Merele- If you love hunky, sexy, dr's then this is the show for you!

RCM- Thanks! And yep..he finally got his time in the sun! :)

Kary- Thanks!! :)

Curator said...

Wow -- Well Done HG.


Grey Vampire said...

>>I twirl my pen!<<
That isnt a bad habit at all...Neways cool answers...But since we are in totally different societies we seem to differ in taste....

Caleb said...

Pen twirrling is great. I noticed you doing this at Bible study the other night. IT made me pull out my pencil and start doing it myself. ARGH!! I used to ALWAYS do this. Ive cut back a bit though :)

midwest_hick said...

hmmmmmm.....Grey's Anatomy....never heard of it.

BlackOps said...

You're just a simple (but very interesting) down to earth kind of girl.

Leesa said...

You like the same toys I do, except for that dictionary!! Does seem cool though!

Melissa said...

Great post with awesome pictures. Cute!

Humor Girl said...

curator- Thanks! :)

Grey Vampire-'s not such a bad habit..but it sometimes annoys people I think.

Caleb- haha! i didn't even notice I was doing it?!

midwest hick- **cough cough..cough cough cough*** WHAT!??!? It's like "ER" meets "Scrubs"..

Humor Girl said...

black ops- *blush* thank you! I think i'm totally boring...I take that as a compliment. :)

leesa- NO..I LOVE THE dictionary! It's perfect for blogging because I'm a "formidable" speller!? (did i mention it has a thesaurus? lol)

melissa- Thanks, girl!

BlackOps said...

You should take it that way, thats exactly how I meant it :)

Le laquet said...

It was a good meme to be tagged with though - good memories and a chance to look @ old photos and take new ones! And tapered jeans ...... whoever invented that fashion crime should still be shot!

Anonymous said...

Grey's Anatomy = PATRICK DEMPSEY
thats all I have to say :)