July 23, 2005

Step Right Up! To My Circus of CRAP... PT 1

Coming home is a great time to find packed away treasures. It's also a great time to find all of the crap I saved that will NEVER, EVER use again. So, here it is:

First up is my last existing piece of flare (watch OFFICESPACE) :) My step dad found this for me. So glad.

Next up, I have my cell phone graveyard. Maybe I thought these cell phones would make a come back? Who knows. What I do know is that I have TWO of the same phone for no reason at all.

If I haven't mentioned it already, I have a crazy love for drugstore products!

This drawer was the one of THREE that did not make it out of the house.

I bought the blue aloe vera after a near death tanning-bed experience. I was on ice for 3 days and sported a pretty uneven tan after I healed.

The thermometor looking thing is to read how strong my breath is. It's an asthma thing.

The Tommy bag is a mistake. Don't even ask me why i kept it, or, above that, where I got it.

The headband thing was a gift from my best friend. i'm not sure why it is in there. in fact, I thought about it several times after the move. (I wore them BEFORE Jessica Simpson, so there!)

"Please don't go Girrrrlllll.....You would ruin my WHOLE worllld. Tell me you'll staaaaayyyyy...Never EVER goooo awayyyy!" Only my die-hard New Kids fans will appreciate this.

I was going to marry joey. Sigh. Are you even questioning me holding on to this?

In my early years of highschool my friend K-mart wanted to join a bowling league. K-mart also wanted me to join. This bowling ball was "borrowed" from a bowling alley that will remain nameless. I think there were shoes at one point as well. (PS Maybe I should return it.)

This is a valentine. A very OLD valentine. It is at least 5 years old. Once again, I don't know why i kept it.

This is Minda Gretal. :) Dad waited in line to buy her when I was about 2 years old. She's as old as she looks. I took her EVERYWHERE.

Why I kept these text books is beyond me. And I have no idea where or when i got that sucker.


TheMartins said...

Hi girl! You will never believe this... but I too have the step by step video. It's still at my moms house from when I was a kid. Also I too have a very old valentine only I think mine is like freshman year of high school which was in ('96-'97) froma boy I had a huge crush on. LOL It's in a box somewhere in the shed. LOL

Isn't it funny to go back through old things. Looks like you are having a blast! Talk to you soon. Thanks for stopping by earlier. :o) Have fun!

Marel Lecone said...

That is so cool to go through all of the old stuff. My little regret--when I left my hometown, hardly ever to return, circumstances that are too long and insane to go into--I have never been able to go through all of my stuff. I had books, upon books, whatever else. Ah, someday . . . if I could get it all back, I would be thrilled. Even though it is absolutely junk. Oh, when Kristen and I went to Senior Night at Disney ('89), we saw New Kids--I was definitely thrilled then. Those were the days . . . :)

Billy said...

"The thermometor looking thing is to read how strong my breath is"

Cool a halitosis meter! Why would HG need a halitosis meter? Boy she sure is an honest gal. Wait a minute it say here
"It's an asthma thing.".
Wow sorry to hear you have had problems with asthma in the past but relived it has nothing to do with breath so bad you have to measure it before leaving the house.

midwest_hick said...

Can you say 'packrat?'

KV said...

Hi :-)

puremood said...

Oh gosh, NKOTB! LOL

Yes, I'd say packrat! ;)

Kristen said...

Marelle, we saw the New Kids at Senior Night? Was I just so overwhelmed by my date or did I think we would go to hell for listening to rock music?

Amy said...

I am glad you were going to marry Joey b/c I was going to marry Jordan... that is until I saw him on Surreal Life!

whatupthen said...

Hell yeah, I had that album!

You got the right stuff, baby!
Love the way you turn me on.
You got the right stuff, baby!
You're the reason why I sing this song.

All that I wanted was you
In my life you're so right
All that I needed was you
You made all...
Every one of my dreams come true

Wow, that was from memory. What year did that album come out?

fudgebumpkin said...

Ooh, New Kids on the Block pervaded the UK too... I had a thing for Jordan. He wore the coolest shoes. At least, I thought they were cool then.

naughtygirl said...

lmao i used to love the new kids. and that song was my favorite!!! lol i used to have valentines from when i was 8. but when i moved here jim insisted i throw them away. 16years worth of valentines was not a useful thing along with the other crap i had too!!lol

Claudette said...

I love 'products'. I have tons and I just accumulate and once in a while I'll throw one peice out if I haven't used it in, oh, 5 years or so. [shaking head]

New Kids were dreamy...

Cty said...

Due to a recent move, I did a similar purging of belongings. It's amazing the stuff we keep...

If you're planning on getting rid of old cell phones, you might want to check out some non-profit orgs that refurbish them for poverty-level families to use in emergencies. Good karma, tax write-off, etc.

Marci (aka Baby Banana) said...

Is your flare from Friday's or its wannabe cousin, Bennigan's? I still have so many buttons from that suspender-rific time!

And can I just say that I take total pride in NEVER falling into that whole New Kids thing (I am so serious). Much to chagrin of many girlfriends at the time, I did not appreciate one thing about them. Marky Mark? Now that's a different story.

Chief Slacker said...

Crap drawers rule. Gotta lvoe cleaning them out after a few years and finding the neat little treasures you totally forgot about, and think are cool even though you have no use for them!

Memories are fun :O)

BlackOps said...


Sooz said...

Consider donating those old phones to the battered women's shelter. I know ours can set the phone so that it can only dial 911 and they give it to women in desperate situations.

Curator said...

Dang kid, you don't throw away a thing; even that goofy bowling ball (just kidding).

XLNT pix as always HG.

jennyonthespot said...

Um, is that your circus of crap or mine??? Much of that stuff looks way too familiar!!!

John said...

How did you steal a bowling ball?!? Did you put it under your shirt and pretend to be pregnant? Or wait for someone to open the front door and bowl it out to a friend waiting in the parking lot?