December 05, 2005

FINE...Here's ya' dahn post!

I thought it would be a great idea to take all my pictures off of my computer and put them on an external hardrive. SO I did! Now, I can't blog pictures in bed. GREAT PLAN.

So this post will have to due.

I'm sure you may remember her from such posts as

Have I Tamed the Wild Best & Ok I Think She Thinks I'll Feed Her.

Please welcome, ladies and gentlemen, with a great round of applause, My PFP (Personal Food Pillager) in another ground-breaking performance called....

"Can I Borrow Your Computer for a Sec"

I was writing a paper that was due by 4 on line. It was 1:50 when here she came (our class started at 2. And yes, i was planning on writing the paper in class.)

PFP: "Hey!"
HG: "Hi! What's up? :)"
PFP: "Uhh...Do you have internet on there?"
HG: "Yeah, I do."
PFP: "Could I borrow it for a sec? I really have to do something on WebCt and I completely forgot!?"

Let me tell you that PFP has the tendency to make HUGE deals out of nothing. EVERY time we get an assignment/test back she braces herself for the UNKNOWN! She will look at me like she's waiting for a pregnancy test and needs support. We all KNOW full and well that she is going to get an A or a B, so what's the BFD? I play along. Cause I'm nice. And deep down I want her to let me borrow her notes for the take home final cause she rules at taking them. So, sue me. I'm extra nice cause she's got the goods.

HG: "Sure..."

PFP borrowed my computer and went on and on about how amazing it was that i had internet without a cord. Ok..? How was your trip from 1998?...Had she really not grasped wireless yet?

10 min later!

Class is starting and I REALLY need to finish this paper.

I look over and PFP is filling out a SURVEY!? A survey about the ON-LINE course that she had just finished!? NO LATE ASSIGNMENT. NOTHING FOR CREDIT. A FLIPPING SURVEY. SHE NEEDED MY COMPUTER TO GIVE SOMEONE ELSE HER OPINION. Now, you're trying to tell me that you DESPERATELY needed to use my computer!?

She looks at me and says...

PFP: "ooh..there's like 20 more questions...Is that ok?"
HG: "I really need to write a paper..."
PFP: "Oh. I'll hurry."

I guess the fact that I REALLY needed to finish my paper was the green light to continue working on this stupid freaking survey.

She finished the survey and apperantly forgot to save some of her answers. The SECOND she pressed submit she was in a tissy.

PFP: "Oh my gosh?! I CAN NOT believe it!? I really tried hard to give them my opinion.!? What am I going to do."
HG: "It's really not a big deal. It's not even for credit."

So..I get my comptuer back.

5 min later

PFP: "Can i read you my speech?"
HG: "uhh..yeah, sure...if you don't mind me typing."
PFP: proceeds to read a 5 min speech in JAPANESE!??

I give her my wow, great job speech and move on.

She then takes the next 5 minutes to explain EXACTLY what she said to me in Japanese. And on top, how I could have said it differently.

Sigh.... She's starting to grow on me.

19 comments: said...

You must be starting to look around for the hidden cameras by now and wondering when someone is going to jump out and say "You're on candid camera!"!!!!


mmsprig said...

それはおかしかった。あなたは大きいユーモアを有する !

Mike said... least you didn't have to feed her this time....unless you left that part

psquared said...

Change eats when she starts talking to you next time - or you can keep a bag of what ever treat she likes on hand, and when she starts that kind of stuff, toss the bag a few feet over and say "I'm not a baby sitter, go keep yourself busy."

psquared said...

That should be "change seats"

TheMartins said...

lol... in Japanese! WOW! ... lol she is starting to grow on you. ;o) You have a good heart! Keep smilin!

Billy said...

Your friendship with her, while a bit of a pain for you at times, must certainly bring her comfort. I have had quite a few misfit friends at various schools. If you mind your own business and try not to get involved with the mainstream the just seem to appear out of the fringes. They were always interesting and entertaining and like you I began to become fond of them despite their excentricities.

She shure is good for your blog

Billy said...

sure as in sure not as in Shure the manufacturer of audio equipment.

Patyrish said...

Oh I am so excited to see another PFP post! I was wondering about her! LOLOL This girl is so annoying. You are nice like me though and I do the same crap! I can't believe she read you her speech in Japanese....I mean it's not like you even had any idea what she was saying, UGH!! I know she better have let you copy her notes!


Bart said...

You are a nice one to endure the PFP. If I was an oddball I would want you for a friend.

Makes for great posts. She needs her own sitcom... I'd watch.

Maybe next time have a sushi platter for her to munch on.


FreeThinker said...

An internet-connected computer -- with no cords? That's as amazing as a working telephone -- with no cords. Yeah, in 1983!

Heather said...

This woman is starting to scare me. You need to be careful... She sounds like she needs professional help.

MG said...

Grow on you how? Like a fungus?

Busted Flip Flop said...

Hey I'm impressed! PFP managed to annoy me and I don't even know her. Way to go chica!


Jaime said...

Oh WOW! How did you manage to not beat her with your laptop?? ;) Just when I thought taking your crackers was BAD! he he

... said...

Get the notes and run fastfaraway, yes? said...

Billy has a good point. Maybe this person is a bit of a social misfit and for some reason has attached them selves to you. While that is probably annoying, it maybe that it is quite good for her. You never know what goes on in people's heads.


MG said...

hahahahaha.....Rudolph the RNR misfit song running in my head right now.

"Why am I such a misfit, I am not just a nit wit...."

Ahh....the classics.

BayouMaMa2 said...

She's a mooch...and yet I can't help but feel sorry for her.

BTW...does she have any idea at all about your blog? It would be really weird if she stumbled across it.

Of course, she does seem technologically that'll probably never happen. ;-)