December 10, 2005

News And PICS! YAY

I've had several finals the last week and they ain't over til Tuesday. You may miss me until then. News on PFP.....Class was cancelled on Wednesday on account of our weird weather. It melted a refroze. People here in Somewhere USA cannot drive when there is ice. They think that normal speed limits apply and they are dumb for thinking that and wreck their cars and make traffic SLLLOOOOOOWWWW DOOOWWWWWWNNNNNNN. By slow down i mean stop completely and get detoured accross town.

SOOOO...because of the cancellation, I was unable to get a hold of PFP's notes. Yes. Tragic.

Now, some pictures! YAY!

This is MW crusin' at 75 on the freeway. Yeah, he's a milti-tasker.

Here is MW pointing and laughing at you know who....

And here is MW, "Are you seriuosly going to stop taking pictures of me?"

Alright, fine! You broke me! These pictures were all taken in a matter of seconds when I realized I didn't have that many pictures of him. Pictures that weren't taken courtesy of a 4 year old:

Did I mention that it's the cutest 4 year old ever??

He can read. And spell. And is pretty much smarter then me.

Here is his wonderfully snugglable little brother:

I'll have you know that MW played second fiddle to these boys THE ENTIRE trip. And don't let the adorableness fool you!! THese boys LOVE to read...and the sweet little baby likes to read the same book..over...and over...and over!

Dora: "Hola. I'm dora, and i have to take my books back to the library. Can you help me?"
Little Sweetness: "Yeess"
Dora: "Great! Let's get started."

I have never read a book so many times...But how can you resist!!?

Ohh, yeah...MW!? I almost forgot about him! ;)


Chickadee said...

When it comes to the snow and ice, I think the inability to drive is a universal thing. All common sense (what little there was) goes flying out the window.

Mike said...

We go through the inability to drive in mid November now we're all pros......damn

Bart said...

Your photos only confirm more and more that you are smitten. Not very humorous... but certainly love struck.

Dave said...

Is that cute little boy trying to copy me? :)

Kari said...

Ah finally, MW!

Heather said...

When I read, "Hola, I'm Dora." I read it with the actual voice in my head. AHAHAHAHAH! I can't get way from the girl! Only I hear it like this, "Hola, I'm Dora. Say it two ways!" And then proceed to the spanish/english version of every frekin' word on the planet.

Jaime said...

Those are some nice head-less photos. My sister has a whole scrapbook page of ones her kids have taken.
He is pretty darn, cute, though! :)

BayouMaMa2 said...

Oh my gosh! Have I been gone that long??? He's a cutie! ;-)

Renee said...

Cute pics!:-)