June 10, 2008

Blog who!!!?? Psh!!!

Being a big, girl teacher... falling in love... you, know, Grown up stuff.... HA!!

Ok, I've been gone for way too long. I have SOOOOO much catching up to do. Like blog my boring summer life! I'm excited to start writing again. I miss you.

I will have you know, however, that the blog lords have gotten their revenge and I am sick as a dog. Let this be your proof:

The blords have ruined my tidy house and have sent me into a tailspin of aches and pains and oh my gosh I'm STARVING and I can't keep nothin' down...


Misguided Mommy said...

thats all we get. your sick. thats it


come back when youve got some good gossip missy!

Vanessa said...

Feel better soon! Summer sick is the worst!

The Accidental Existentialist said...

im glad your drinking Fiji. That other water tastes THICK.