January 28, 2008

Why did I forget about my laundry?

It's nearly 1 am.

I forgot my sheets were in the dryer.

This is where they are now and I'm laying on my bed phone blogging to
try and get some energy.


And oh yeah I almost forgot!!

There's so much snot in my respiritory system that breathing and coughing have tied the knot. I would also swear to you that Flozell Adams is invisible and siesta-ing on my chest.

Other then that?....nada


Dylan said...

Two things: Did your really know who Flozell Adams was already or did you have to google the name of a Cowboys Offensive Lineman? It doesn't matter because I'll either be impressed with your Cowboys knowledge or with your willingness to go "the extra mile" to make the rhetorical turn of phrase work.

And, secondly: You're supposed to wash your sheets?

Vanessa said...

Find a beach towel, lay it on the bed. Take a throw blanket from the couch and go to sleep. I've done this gig before and this is the best solution I could come up with, its worked several times since. Hope you feel better.