August 24, 2006

What's Beta Blogger?

I have no idea what this is? Just curious.


Billy said...

It allows you to have catagories and conrol who views your blog and some other stuff. It is great and sometime in the future twe can plug our original blogs into it.

Go test it out by creating a new beta account here is my test.

Anonymous said...

He is so misunderstood!! Poor little hat guy!

BayouMaMa said...

I see that Billy thinks it's great...but my experience is that it's awful. I've blogged about my I'll spare you from all of my whining. LOL! Congrats on your student teaching! If you can, get your hands on Dr. Harry Wong's book "The First Days of School." It is a must-have kind of book. Wishing you the best and a Merry Christmas!