August 20, 2006

NOooooooo!!!! And what else is new.

So. The time has come....

I officially need new work shoes. ANd that sucks. Goodbye $100.

Here's the proof.

ANd if that's not soaked foot would have convinced you.

What else has happened in the month that I haven't posted.

I got a tan:

I saw a lady with a really bad outfit:

I wished there was someone in my passengers seat so I could soak them:

I gave my friend a tattoo while he slept...with the name of our boss:

And just one more for now, I made this thing...painstakingly out of individual pieces of construcion paper:


Anonymous said...

You are too funny! I can't believe you drew on your friend.

You crack me up!

Billy said...


Anonymous said...

You remind me that I need to get some new work shoes myself. Not that mine are split in half like yours! said...

Silly Blogger, wrote the above comment as anon. It was me!

Too_Lively said...

Too funny! It had been a while since you posted funny pics and I missed it.

MG said...

S'bout time you came back!

Now, how the heck did you wear out your shoes, across the front?!? That's pretty tough to do.

delmer said...

She may be wearing a bad outfit -- but she is a blonde and, therefore, having more fun wearing it than a non-blonde would be.

(From the angle you shot the picture, I'm not sure a guy would notice that the outfit was 'bad.' Snug maybe. But not offensively so.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Beautiful tan on a beautiful woman.

The badly dressed lady in wearing riding boots and pants. I would guess she has a horse.

Your poor friend! ;-)

Very Creative