April 10, 2006


So I suck. I am lame. I am boring. I've been so preoccupado with school and work and the new apt that I haven't had time to write. I believe that you all deserve a post so I've scrounged through the pictures on my phone to give you one.

Before we proceed I would like to make a public announcement to the folks at the library.

"Sirs and Ma'ams...While your opinion and curiosity about 'fixin' to be teachers' is appreciated, there is a time and a place for inquirires of this nature. Reading over one's shoulder as they browse the internet may be considered rude and would certainly be a breech of their privacy. The library is to be a comfortable and QUIET place where library goers can and avoid describing how to 'become a teacher without all the school 'n stuff.' Your interest in educating our youth is incredibly noble and we would ask that you take this interest to the local school district in your area. In other words, LEAVE THE GIRL AT THE COMPUTER ALONE AND STOP READING OVER HER SHOULDER THANK YOU."

SO, I left for work on time and OF COURSE there was an accident. I decided that I was going to PROVE to my boss that there really was an accident, so I took a picture!! HA! The dog really DID eat my homework!! IN YOUR FACE LIKE MACE!

Well, You be the judge. Can you tell, AT ALL, that this was an accident that blocked the 2 lanes of traffic back 10 miles??



Billy said...

Busy, busy

lori said...

I didn't give up on you! I love reading your stuff, but know sometimes we need a break from it all. I'm glad you're back. Can't wait to hear about the new apt.

Anonymous said...

HG, be careful with that camera-phone when you're driving, so the next accident you snap isnt your own. ;)

Patyrish said...

I can't see the accident!? Was it a bad one!? LOL

Anonymous said...

ah.....not really.

tee hee.

But good try though. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice try dear.