July 05, 2006

I told you

These pictures were taken while they are not great:

HOWEVER, they do show the yardsale I've been bragging about!

I present to you:

DAY 8 (That I know of)

With glare from windshield:

Blurred from speed:


BlackOps said...

Yard sale? Are you sure this isnt the town dump? Are there any real goodies at this garage sale?

Heather said...


Mike said...

Now that is a huge pile of

Chief Slacker said...

Holy loads of crap! ;O) now the question is, should that yard full of crap comes with a PG rating? ;O)

Anonymous said...

Now that is one big pile o' crap! And no one is there?

They are taking a huge chance leaving all those GEMS OUT TO BE STOLEN!!

PHEW!! Where are the armed guards to protect it all??

Carol said...

Are you kidding? Those pictures are hysterical! So, I'm thinking it could be several things here...

1. Renter that was umm evicted the old-fashioned way;

2. Husbands 'CRAP' that was tossed after wife found out he was cheating;

3. The parents want the teenagers OUT;

4. Kids taking control and tossing the mother-in-law.

OK's a yard sale with a ton of CRAP. I would hate to be their neighbor, 'cuz I would land in jail for arson, LOL


Patyrish said...

HOLY CRAP! LOL Now those are some people that just don't give up. They are thinking..."hey if we leave this on the lawn long enough SOMEONE is bound to either steal it or buy it!"

Chickadee said...

OH MY GOSH. And I THOUGHT the neighbors down the street from me were bad...yours tops the cake! There is a house several doors down from mine that has a garage sale at least once every other month...I'm not kidding. And it is probably the same old crap, but yours...WOW.

Are there people going to that house to look at their stuff every time you drive by?

steff81 said...

I was sent over by Mike. We're having a garage sale tomorrow...hopefully this isn't what our yard will look like by Saturday afternoon!!

Anonymous said...

i drove by there and EVERYTHING is still there BTW

Anonymous said...

Maybe by the end of the year all of that CRAP will be gone. I feel sorry for the folks that live on both sides of those people.

BlackOps said...

Hey whats the deal with Blogger, I just posted that last comment and it came out as anonymous.