May 30, 2006

Desperate measures...and still no WIFI!!!

Can tv exist without a dvr!? NO!

My apartment is NOT wired for cable. It's wired for DishNetwork. This is all fine and great...but the system it's wired for is OLD and is NOT compatible with a DVR....feeling----ill.

Ok...still ok...We can contract with another satellite provider and attach the satellite to our balcony...our "SOUTHWARD" facing balcony. That would be all great if our balcony actually FACED SOUTH!? Which it doesn't.

So, my sweet cable man came out and I told him of my dilemma. He attached our satellite where he wasn't supposed to and for this he is my hero. I have cable. I have DVR. I am happy!

Not only do I have tv...but i have it in my room with my OWN DVR and system! i can watch something while my roommate watches something else!

Favorite shows now that I have complete and total domination over the cable box and tivo are as follows:

Dr. 90210, Elimidate (I will only enjoy this until I live in the same city as my bf. He cringes, convulses, and projectile diarrheas at the mere mention of it.), Made, Kathy Griffin: My life on the d list, The Simple Life,....Crap......LIBRARY IS CLOSING....UNTIL NEXT TIME!


Billy said...

WiFi SmiFi it is time for you to start a printed news letter and mail it to your loyal readers.

We would get your entertaining posts much faster.

Sandy J said...

Hi, Here from Michelle's!

Glad you have it up and running. Nothing more frustrating when either the TV or the computer is out of commmision.

BTW, notice you are reading Kristin Hannah. Love her!

Melissa H said...

Waiting and waiting for you to come back.

Still no internet access??? I think I would lose my mind. :-/

Mike said...

Oh where is thou Humor girl?

LeighAnn said...

Enjoy the time with your TV!!

Gypsy said...

I don't know what I'd do without my DVR these days. Enjoy!

Here from Michele's today.

Anonymous said...

screw it. i'm sick of checking back.

Chief Slacker said...

DVR is defiitely up there for greatest inventions ever. Move over sliced bread! ;O)