August 28, 2005

School Starts tomorrow.... :(

LONG day tomorrow! First day of school...and HUGE line for books. I'll let you know what I spend.

Now, I'm sure you're all just dying to know what classes I'm taking:

Fundamental Curriculum

Reading/ Writing 4-8

Music Education

International Human Rights

Exploring Diversity

Language/ Literature-Diverse (ESL)

18 credits. Wish me luck.


Billy said...

Curriculum on curriculum. Sounds like a way to squeeze the student for some more money.

I disliked buying book even when I got them used they were way to expensive. There was a smart fellow who had an off campus books store where I used to save money and they were so evil they tried to shut him down.

College text book sales and publishing is such a scam.

Kari said...

Whew, girl. Definately - GOOD LUCK.

I hated buying college books - it always depressed me. They are so stinking expensive.

Applewhite said...

Easy Schedule =)

Tess Harrison said...

Good Luck! With the first day and the long lines.

KV said...

Tomorrow is my first day of school as well. Good luck HG, I'll be thinking about you :-)

Humor Girl said...

Billy- I hear you! The book companies are a total racket!

Kari- I know, girl...TOO expensive and VERY depressing.

Applewhite- I hope so!

Teresa- Thanks girl! :)

KV- *blush* I bet you say that to all the ladies! hehe. I'll think about you, too.

Biotress said...

Good luck!

Jomama said...

I just visited my sister on campus this weekend and helped her buy some books. She bought 5 paperback books and spent about $350!!! She was on the verge of tears and I was just in shock. I can't wait to see how much they try to give her when she sells them back.

You're taking an ESL class? What's your native language?

Bek said...

music ed is your major? is that a k-12 degree?? i was 7-12 english ed, but i have heard, that of the eds :), music is the most demanding.............good luck to ya.........!!

nightfly said...

What a swindle.

I was in Ocean City NJ over the weekend (day trip with friends); got two abridged volumes of poetry for $3.01. I daresay I'll learn more from them than I did from any of my $45 textbooks in college. (I think they must have been sold by the pound.)

BTW - the word verification thing goes perfectly with that mixed-up-word post you had.

Marel Lecone said...

Wow--you're sure to be busy! Good luck and bless you at the same time! :)

Bekkah said...

GOOD LUCK! Hope your first day goes/went well!