August 24, 2005

This is for my ladies!!!

Ok, I noticed that a lot of you ladies had no idea who my celebrity crush was. This called for some attention.

This is the beautiful Patrick Dempsey! :)

You may know him from Sweet Home Alabama:

The HBO movie Iron Jawed Angels:

THE CLASSIC Can't Buy Me Love

& he is also the star of my NEW FAVORITE TV SHOW, Grey's Anatomy:

Where he plays my hearthrob....sigh....Dr. Shepard.

Now, I will tell you a story! :)

I was at work one night and everything was normal. Busy, but normal. I had to-go bags in one hand and checks to drop in the other...I was looking down at what I was doing when I saw a man out of the corner of my eye looking for the restroom. He said:

"Excuse me" to me...and then right as I looked up and guided his arm toward the restroom he said "Oh, there are the restrooms" and walked towards them.

Now, I am a diehard fan of Mr. Dempsey.... I LITERALLY had his face on my computer background at that exact moment in time. It was HIS was HIS 5 O'CLOCK was HIS FACE!!!! IT WAS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST TOUCHED HIM.... I JUST TOUCHED HIM!?!?! WHO THE!!?!?!? AGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!!

(that was my reaction...followed by a quick turn on my heals back into the kitchen, squealing, shreaking, and hyperventilation.)

Ok, now please remember that I had a number of things in my hand to take care of.....and I had no idea where I was...who I was...or what I was doing. lol! I never imagined I would be starstruck..but I WAS!

I FREAKED OUT. lol..I had no idea how I was going to make it through this shift. On top of that, he was with Jim Caviezel from the Thin Red Line and also played Jesus in the Passion of the Christ:

I grabbed my cell phone and hid out in a bathroom stall and called my sister! hahaha She was the only one that would appreicate this whole situation.

After I calmed myself a LITTLE bit...I got up the courage to run food to his table. (btw...he had a chicken caesar salad..and NO dessert.)

I had tons of food in my hand when the unthinkable happened!! We made eye contact!

I am not making any of this up. I wasn't strong enough to run HIS food, so I decided to run the people's next to him. I was about 5 feet away from him when he looked STRAIGHT into my eyes with a movie star smile! He KNEW i was totally antsy about him! We made eye contact for at LEAST 5 seconds! (If you think that's not long....make eye contact with the something and slowly count to 5! It's A LONG TIME!)

I finally shook my head really quick and had to look away. I looked down at the food and couldn't even remember where it went! The guy who's food I DID have looked up at me and said:

"Is there something we can help you with?" lol...I kid you not! I just started setting stuff down!

Then he goes, "Umm, I don't think we got corn." It was awful... lol

But that is my story. For 5 seconds, Patrick Dempsey was thinking of NOTHING but me. :)

PS If you haven't seen Grey's Anatomy, you must! You can go HERE and click on video gallery. I strongly suggest that you watch the 3rd episode run down. :)


Jen said...

Just found you the other day :)
Another blog I read shared that Patrick bought a vacation home next to her parents in TX. She has a couple of shots of him on the lake. Very cool! BTW, I love Grey's Anatomy too!!

Humor Girl said...

what lake!? lol

puremood said...

I've saw the Can't Buy Me Love and Sweet Home AL... but not the others.

Looks like HG is off to a lake in TX! ;) LOL

Chelsea said...

WOW!!! You did better than I would've meeting my heartthrob!!! Or anyone I admire or look up to.

That is so cool girl. So amazing!!!!

MarylandMommy said...

Can't Buy Me Love is my FAVORITE movie!!!!! Patrick is quite a hottie!!! That is awesome that you got to see him up close!!!

Tess Harrison said...

I loved your story! That is so cool!

Melissa said...

I'm so jealous! He is so hot!!!

Destiny Anne said...

that's the movie. can't buy me love and its on abc family. not lifetime or we. u r so lucky u met a celebrity and like stared at each other for 5 seconds. I've only met 3LW and Aries Spears.

TheMartins said...

That is an awesome story! So lucky... The guy he was with was also in the movie The Frequency. That was a great movie if you haven't seen. You go girl! :o) Great memory for sure.

Mr. O said...

i was dating a girl during the first season of grey's anatomy who got me into watching the show. now im hooked on it! i can't wait until the new season starts... i want to see what he's going to tell the interning doctor he's been seeing/sleeping/living with about his WIFE!

oh, and jim caviezel came into my restaurant one night too! nice guy! (then again, you'd hope he is for playing the big JC on screen, ya know?)

Donna said...

What place do you work at??

Bek said...

ya, are u in CA??? (u don't have to reveal if you'd rather not....) wow!!!

Marel Lecone said...

OMIGOSH!! That is so amazing. I really do like him too. Ever since high school. And, I love Can't Buy Me Love!! I would freak out completely! Now, if Josh Lucas was sitting there too, well, I would have fainted dead away . . . heehee Great story. Completely glued, I was!! Talk to you later.

TheMartins said...

Hey Girl I have a stranger and probably stupid question but how do you post your pictures to where you can't click on them so they go to a new page by themselves (like mine). I want to be able to just have the pic up there without being able to click on it. Could you possibly help? I appreciate it.

Jaime said...

NO WAY! That is so awesome! If only you'd had your camera! :) That first picture... um, beautiful is an understatement! I also love the other guy in Sweet Home Alabama...the one in the picture. That is so cool!!

lori said...

I love Grey's Anatomy too! And yes, Patrick is quite a babe! You lucky girl!!

Kristen said...

this is hilarious! My favorite is Can't Buy Me Love.

Kelly said...

That "star struck" story was awesome! When I was in college, I was walking into a grocery store and Keifer Sutherland (circa Flatliners) was standing outside. I glanced at him once, then took a double take, and then a triple take. As I looked the third time, he smiled at me, waved and said, "Hi!" - I had never been so flustered in all my life. If I hadn't had a grocery list in my hand, I wouldn't haver known where I was going. I smiled and said, "Hi" back and ran into the store where I ran into a friend who was shreiking, "did you see him!"

It happend to us all. Also Grey's anatomy ROCKS!

Agape said...

Where do you and "me" work that Jim caviezel and others keep dropping in? Anyway, loved the story and I was wondeing if you would rack your brains for any details regarding Jim Caviezel during your encounter - He is to me what Mr D is to you! Please humour me even though we don't know each other!!!

Karla said...

I would have probably drolled in his food. He is quite the hottie isn't he?

No celebrities (good ones) ever come to Canada. :(

Amy said...

Patrick Dempsey went to high school at a high school right close to ours (jaime's too- Basketballwidow). In fact, one of the women i teach with was his teacher. Yeah, I'm close to famous...