August 17, 2005


Have you ever had a song in your head..... but only ONE line replays OVER and OVER?!!!!??

I love Mariah! I am a diehard fan. But seriously, if I have this line in my head for another second I'll blow up!!

Listen from 1:29-1:36:

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"I can't sleep at night....When you are on my mind,
Bobby Womack's on the ra-dio...singin to me"

Now that's all fine and great, but THIS is what my head says when it haunts me!!!!!

"I can't sleep at night....When you are on my mind,
DADDY WARBUCKS on the ra-dio...singin to me."

Honestly!!! What the heck!? WHY WHY WHY??

I KNOW those aren't the right words...but it's what my brain says every time! I've never even seen a Shirly Temple movie! What is my deal?



Melissa H said...


My brain does stuff like that, too.

I absolutely adore that song. It's a throwback to the slow R&B stuff of the late 80's/early 90's (and I love that she mentions Babyface).

Jomama said...

LMAO! I do that too. There is a song by Musiq Soulchild called "Who Knows" that has a line that says "I'll be as gentle as it takes" and I always want to say "I'll be gentle as a slave." I never sing this song out loud because my mind works in embarrassing ways sometimes.

methatiam said...

These are called mondegreens, and there are several sites devoted to collections of them. Here’s one on Christmas carols.

DC Talk does a song “supernatural”, the lyrics are:

Beyond this physical terrain/
There is a spiritual domain/
Where angles battle demons over/
Souls in vast array.

Even knowing what the lyrics really are, I still hear:

Beyond this physical terrain/
There is a spiritual domain/
Where angles battle demons over/
Souls in Vaseline.

TheMartins said...

Oh I hate when that happens. I have it all the time. :o) Good luck getting it out of your head. ;o)

Leesa said...

That happens to me all the time..usually commercials. I hate it!
Shirley Temple movie??? LOL

KV said...

Did that work? lol

Wethyb said...

I can't hear while at work. What song is it?? LOL. If it's her new stuff, I like it.

Melissa said...

I do the same thing all the time. Find another song and play it repeatedly.

Jaime said...

That is the WORST! The best way to get rid of that - watch a movie until you find one that you recognize the actor/actress but can't remember their name... that will drive you crazy instead. ;)

HELP ME, HUMOR GIRL!! I found a pregnancy ticker thanks to beeb, but I don't know how to get it on my blog!! When I tried, I screwed everything up. ;) I am not terribly computer literate... please help... :)

Biotress said...

Just a tip for you: Shirley Temple is not in the movie "Annie" with Daddy Warbucks.

Humor Girl said...

melissa- I know, right! I love mimi!

jomama- lol..isn't it so annoying!

methatiam- hahaha...thanks for sharing those!

themartins- me too! song or another.

leesa- Yes!! I had "Coeur d'alene Tribal Bingo casino!" in my head for SOOOO long once. My cousin and i started changing the vowels from short to long and long to short because it was so annoying.

KV- Thank you! I think it may have worked. Now I have "I'm feelin all out of my element throwing things crying trying to figure out where the hell I went wrong...--" I think you get the point! :) At least it's not Daddy Warbucks.

beth- It's "We Belong Together" by Mariah Carey

Melissa- I did...but for some reason that keeps coming back. lol

jaime- me and i'll for sure help. :)

puremood said...

I think it means you are normal LOL

naughtygirl said...


Humor Girl said... figured that out! Annie is different from Shirly Temple. :)

LAMommyof3 said...

Hilarious!! :)

Angela said...

I am literally LOL!!! My brain always does stuff like that.

Or when you are around a constant noise like a pump or something and it sounds like it is talking to you, saying a word, Tyra Banks, Tyra Banks, Tyra Banks...Any other nursing moms out there who have a Medela pump might know what I am talking about;)=)

nightfly said...

"Punjab! Tell my secretary to smash the radio, it keeps playing Mariah Carey."


Clint said...


When I go for a run (almost every day), whatever the last song that I was listening to gets stuck in my head until I am done. Sometimes, it is just a verse or a line... and it doesn't. stop. ever.

Henri Banks said...

O o oh mmmm say nothing :-)

Lynn Daniels said...

LOL! When I want to get a song out of my head, singing "It's a Small World" always helps. Then again, I end up with that song in my head...

Karla said...

That's too funny. It reminds me of a Black Eyed Peas song that my hubby was singing along to one day and he kept sining "Nasty Sex" when the lyrics were "lets get sexy".

Dave said...

Misunderstood lyrics...I can relate.