August 30, 2005

First Day Back!

I'll try to make this quick! :) In a hurry.

My second period teacher was wearing a long dress that buttoned all the way up the front. When she sat down, I think the guy in the front row could see straight up it. This is only speculation...but from my angle, FAR right..but FAR left of her, It seemed like you'd be able to. WHen I glanced at the guy right in front of her, he was looking around for someone else to notice the same thing. :)

Third Period: International Human Rights

Ok, have you ever seen Legally Blonde? I'm not like Elle Woods, but I felt like her in this class!

We had to go around the room and tell our majors and why we took the class. I was a 4-8th Grade General Education Major that HAD to take this class. Almost everyone else was as follows:

"Hi, I'm _________. I'm majoring in criminal justice with a double minor in German and International Studies, and I'm taking this class because I'm on the board of amnesty international and I want to write my disertation on International Human Rights. I don't know whether I want to get my law degree or my phd first."


On top of that! We were in some room the size of a shoebox and were crammed into a two layered circle. Some guy brought his freaking dog!?!

1/2 Basset Hound 1/2 Terrier!? lol I'm not kidding. It looked like a basset hounds body, with a terriers head!? EEK!


Heather said...

OH I am so GLAD I'm done. Reading your post gave me anxiety!

Jaime said...

Elle Woods in Legally Blonde is WAY better than Joey Tribiani on Friends, which is what I would've felt like in that crowd!! ;)
Sounds like never a dull moment.
And PS>>> who the heck brings their dog to class?!?

Bek said...

your post is hilarious.......tell more school stories!! makes me laugh and think of a bunch of mine too.....there is nothing like school.......:)

allison said...

you can bring your dog to school these days? why didn't anyone tell me?

lol! love your new profile pic!

Billy said...

Are you sure your not kidding? A dog in the class room. You lead a fascinating exhistence HG!

Hope you have a great symester!

Billy said...

Semester :)

Angela said...

Dog, REALLY!!! lol, I don't think I would have been able to concentrate!!!

Kristen said...

the overachievers are SO overrated. I'm sure the guy with the dog had taken him for a walk and just forgot to take him home. No PhD student there.

Anonymous said...

Oh i loved legally blonde.....

yikes, that is how I feel too sometimes..
I'm going to school with a bunch of smarties.

Jeremiah said...

I'm glad my school isn't like that. I'm taking 2 online classes, so I'm only going to school 2 nights. 3 hours for math monday, and 2 hours for social dance friday. Was that dog noisy or what? It'd have to be a huge distraction.

TheMartins said...

Wow that should prove to be an interesting class for sure. Definitely keep us posted.