August 23, 2005

My Day. :)

Since you all couldn't be with me yesterday, I decided to picture journal my to do list. I worked around the house and then headed out to finish my list. :) (PS The pictures I uploaded showed the time, so these are as accurate as they come!)

I dropped off the old ones and decided to get this book on tape for my drives to school...hilarious so far!
(don't let the clear skies fool you! It was SO HOT i couldn't breathe! 102 I believe.) :
and so you'd know I wasn't scamming...i took a picture of me pushing the clothes through the "security bar" (yes..."security bar" on a donation box. THAT is the world we live in):

That white thing on the bottom right is a rollerblade. You just NEVER know when you're going to need them. Actually, yes, you do know. You will NEVER need them:

The other thing on the right, in the side pocket, is a shoe that I have been planning to take back to the shoe repair store for approximately one year.

**cough** SO HOTT OUT.............


For those of you that have been reading for a while, you may remember that I love crickets. With that said, I believe I have just discovered where they go to die...


A picture couldn't even express the amount of dead, twitching, and/or crying crickets that were in this place! They were EVERYWHERE! In the units and in the corridor! I have never seen this many crickets before in my life. I wanted to help the ones that were still alive...but what the heck could I do? It was so hot that they were bouncing around like jumping beans trying to get off of the cement. It was seriously sad.

(4:08pm) One-Stop Shop

Once again, Walgreen's does not disappoint. I have been wanting a pedicure for a while now, but am being as frugal as possible with my money. I found this at my favorite store on earth. :)

(4:20PM) The Gym

THis is the only picture I was willing to take at the gym. I didn't want to look freakish taking pictures. Pervert may even come to mind. This is my gym bag hanging on the locker at the gym:


OK, I have NO idea who, what, why, or how someone managed to be this gross, but they did. After my workout I took a shower.... THIS was what I found seconds after i started to lather:

Here's for all you folks in the back **blaahahhghghhg...shudder**

It's a hairball!!!!???!?!?!!??!?



I'm so glad I was wearing flip flops...I seriously would have thrown up.


Destiny Anne said...

that is so gross! while i was at my summer camp, are youth group was sharing a bathroom and toilets and sinks with like three other groups. there was hair in the sink and our counselors even found, brace yourself, a used tampon. nastiness!!

TheMartins said...

That was a pretty busy day and very accomplished. and I agree... gross! I would have reported it or something. Even if it didn't help that is nasty! Good luck next time you go to the gym. Way to be productive yesterday though. :o) Have a great day!

Karla said...

That is ONE GIANT HAIRBALL. I hope that didn't fall off in one piece or that person will soon be a baldy!

I had to chuckle at the idea of taking pictures at the gym. Yeah...that might get you in a bit of trouble eh?

Billy said...

I am laughing my head off., very fascinating details of a day in the life. The cricket graveyard is amazing and the twisted clump of hair in the shower is as gruesome an image as they come.
A classic HG posting, thanks for taking us on the wild ride.

Atieana said...


MG said...

Seriously ew.

puremood said...

That's nasty. Barf.

allison said...

humor girl you've saved my life!! how can i ever repay you?

naughtygirl said...

ewwwww to the hairball and to the

Mama Duck said...

It's like the crickets know you love them and have come to you seeking wisdom as their days grow short.

Or, they're all there trying to figure out how to steal your stuff.


Marel Lecone said...

Crickets and hair balls--so gross! Killing me now! :) Sounds like you got alot done though. :)

Mr. O said...

I just realized that this is not the best post to read while eating breakfast...


i think im going to be sick.

nightfly said...

Sounds like Hitchcock - "The Crickets." You can just hear that eerie chirping filling the air, the clicking as they bounce ever closer along the cement, slowly herding you along the echoing corridors, past countless identical metal doors and down a dead-end.

**shriek shriek shriek shriek**

BTW, your gym should start to stricly enforce the "no cats in the showers" policy.

Jaime said...

Ugh... gag reflex over the hairball... GROSS!
I work for a storage facility and there are a million crickets here, too! They are everywhere! What on earth would make you like crickets!?! :)

Woodenpurse said...

Yum! er...I mean ewww.