August 12, 2005

Off to see a movie...

Not much time to write today.

I started the other website for the Book Club, so check it out on the sidebar. Let me know if you can do it prettier! hehe....still not totally happy with the template.

I'm off to see a movie.


puremood said...

what's wrong with the site? it's blue, that's my fave color LOL

enjoy the flix!

midwest_hick said...

Enjoy the movie....and the weekend as well!

Bekkah said...

Which movie???

Site looks good! Since it's probably going to be a pretty text-heavy site...having a simple blue background would work best, no?!

TheMartins said...

Hey girl! I love they site. I think it looks great! :o) We have our copy and would like to post on there too if thats ok. Are doing like an open discussion type thing? I think this is going to be great for us all. :o) Good job just let me know. :o) Or email me... Hope the movie was good what did you see?