August 01, 2005

Themed Rooms? No, seriously...

I have been dying to share with you all our motel of choice! :)

Please allow me to present.... (Dueling banjos playing)


(by the way, I finally figured out how to spell coeur d'alene without looking :)

This isn't the best picture of the motel, but I'll tell you that the inside makes up for it's lackluster outer appearance.

We decided to stay here because it was almost directly accross the street from where the wedding was being held. It was the perfect location...we all walked to the wedding! :) And then stumbled back.

My point to this post is to show you all how creative and fun one can be on a small budget.

All of our rooms at the FH were themed. THat's right, themed! Only two of the rooms were labeled, so we made up our own names after seeing them :) You'll see what I mean:

Here is what WE called


The golf clubs on the wall.....the "green" carpet... and if you look closely, there is a golf ball inside that little

Hence, the golf room. :)

Next we have...


Lots and lots of fake sunflowers....I didn't want to waste more then this picture....

ok, now lets move on to the rooms that were literally named! :)

I now present to you:


You thought i was kidding, didn't you!

But nothing says victorian like cherub angels:

And check out that wallpaper! So victorian!

Last, but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, we have.....((drumroll))


This room takes the cake! was, simply put, jaw-dropping!

First we have the picket fence:

My cousin said: "Dang, it smells like a sauna in here!?" It was because of the STRONG smell of cedar.

Now I'll show you the trellis:

Just in case you were wondering, yes, that's fake ivy. This was in there room!!? What were they thinking?

This proves that you can be creative on a budget.

Our theory was that they started out with the Garden Room and then lost steam along the way. Ran out of ideas....maybe got tired of decorating and then just halfed it for the rest of the rooms.


KV said...

Is this Idaho's version of Las Vegas theme hotels/rooms?

BlackOps said...

This is too funny. Im glad you provided pictures since they made it even mor funnier. Its still almost unbelievable.

So what happened at the wedding?

Melissa said...

Hilarious, but cute!!

Muley said...

Well, you know, you've got to give them credit for trying.

If a lot of cheap motels did theme rooms based on what really happens there, it would be a lot less romantic than the one you stayed in. There would be the "Homicide" room, with bullet holes in the wall and blood stains dried on the floor, the "Quickie" room, with a 50 cent vibrating bed, sex aids and a 60-minute egg timer, and the "Drug Bust" room, with broken door jambs, meth lab glassware and fake marijuana plants growing in the bathtub under heat lamps.

Marel Lecone said...

Pictures certainly make it all much more believable. They definitely ran out of steam!! :)

naughtygirl said...


Billy said...

Hideously wonderful!

I really like your final theory.

"Our theory was that they started out with the Garden Room and then lost steam along the way. Ran out of ideas....maybe got tired of decorating and then just halfed it for the rest of the rooms."

Deep thoughts.

Kristen said...

Are the golf clubs on the wall a talisman against future slices?? LOL

Ida Marie said...

Wow! Looks like an awesome place. If I am ever in Coeur D'Aleen, Idaho I will definitely stay at the Flamingo Hotel. Thanks for the pics.

Kristen said...

HG--I just found you again through the Next Blog button. How hilarious to see a familiar site. LOL

rcm said...

Wow, kind of disturbing, I think. Awesome post!

Nanette said...

haha... I bet those rooms looked much classier after your wedding reception than before it!

BayouMaMa2 said...

This is's so...hmmm, the's coming...ridiculous! What were they thinking? Were they serious? Had you not provided pictures, I would have thought you were exaggerating. *chuckle*

Karla said...

I'll give them a gold star for trying at least...