August 22, 2005

Until tomorrow....

I have a lot planned for tomorrow and it will be interesting to see what i ACTUALLY get done. :) I'm sure I'll have lots to post about (pictures included).... Here's the plan:

Here is where I'll be until then:


Destiny Anne said...

yea!! first one to comment! very funny. my list is basically
1. watch t.v.
2. read blogs
3. stare at wall
4. wish i had a life

Heather said...

1. change 2 sets of diapers
2. make bottle
3. get cereal to shut the kids up
4. make coffee
5. unload dishwasher
6. re-load dishwher
7. change another set of diapers
8. play with kids
9. put on movie for kids
10. get snack for kids
11. fold/ put away laundry... put new load in
12. my downtime read or write
13. make lunch
14. change diapers AGAIN
15. go to dr's office for Bekah's 1 yr appointment... hold her while she gets shots.
16. change another set of diapers
17. NAP TIME... my free time.
18. change diapers
19. get snacks
20. play with kids
21. go to store to get milk
22. dinner
23. change diapers
24. put kids to bed

Somewhere in there I need to take a shower! Your day sounds like more fun.

KV said...

You’ve officially inspired me to start my own list of things to do. If I don’t do that then I get nothing done (except for the fun stuff).

Jean said...

Hi Jennifer,
thanks for looking up my site... good to 'see' you... :)

MG said...

Last week of freedom. ;)

Starting to feel the pressure?

And oh.....Ashley Judd....uhm....yummmm.

midwest_hick said...

You're list of things to do is definately better than

nightfly said...

I don't even have a list of things to do, just things to write. All the imaginary people need a life! Mine can wait... =p

"Meanwhile, this is where I'll be." On the cover of a magazine? Cool.

In this issue, Humor Girl revealed!
* Beauty tips
* Candid photos
* Favorite zoos

Tess Harrison said...

My list of To-Do's has just skyrocketed. The idea of everything on it is daunting. But I love it! Good luck with your's.

TheMartins said...

That is a pretty good list. :o) I am going to have to pick up that self issue... :o) Hope it isn't too busy for you. :o) Talk to you soon

Karla said...

Our lists are almost the same. Tanning is always a big priority :)

Although I wish I had a storage unit right now for the mess I got myself into redecorating my bathroom.

7 more days until school! Crunch time eh?

Jaime said...

Hope you got everything done!! So little time left before school. Your new profile picture is so cute!

Wethyb said...

My list is about like this:
*Change dirty diaper
*Feed the peanut
*Make brownies for potluck
*Change dirty diaper
*Put peanut down for nap
*Do some blogging
*Feed peanut
*Change dirty diaper
*Put peanut down for night
*Go to bed

Now doesn't that sound exciting?? :)

KV said...

So how much did you get done?

allison said...

hey humor- where did you get the word verification? i think i need it

Kelly said...

OK - now that is my idea of how to get organized! LOL Wish I had that much "free" time!

Kelly said...

Oh yeah, my list...

*prepare timecard due tomorrow
*update timesheets due next week
*get two things out the door for filing with the court
*pack boxes for trial tomorrow
*pick up dry cleaning
*make dinner
*get kids into bath
*get kids into bed
*do sit ups before going to bed myself
*scan photo for Wednesday blog entry