August 02, 2005

Ah, the "get out of jail free" card...

Two too many martini's and I'm not hung over?! I'm not sure what's worse, feeling horrible, or waiting for it.......

I'm NOT a big drinker. IF i go out, it's a two drink MAXIMUM. Last night, however, someone else was buying.... AND ORDERING!? cringe...

So, here I am....sittin' pretty and the only thing I feel is hungry and tired.

For all you mamma's and pappa's out there I'll tell you this, too:

1. I did NOT drive.

2. I did NOT make a fool of myself.

3. I had fun, but NOT too much. :)

I did have a REALLY weird dream, though, that I just remembered and have to tell you about!!

{{Waynes World Dream Sequence sound}}
~~~~~~~~ diddle doo doo~~~~ diddle doo doo~~~~~~~~~~

I was working at some temp job and i guess was wearing pantyhose. My leg started to hurt really, really bad. I looked down and had all these deep purple/black bruises on the outside of my left leg.

The more I looked at them, the worse they got. At the bottem of my leg, towards my ankle, my leg started to split wide open. So deep that I could see the bone and all the tissue.

After about a minute my leg was completely split all the way up to my thigh!?

I started freaking out! I made the decision to go to the hospital, and instantly someone put oxygen into my nose and put me on a stretcher.

I was carried into the back of a car that looked like an ambulance, but turned out to be the back of some guys suv. The people that carried me didn's shut the door so the driver tries the lurch forward brake hard approach three or four times before giving up and driving with it open.

We're driving down the street and I'm UP SET about my leg. They told me there was a possibility that I might lose it. All I could think was: Shouldn't my leg be wrapped in plastic or something so i don't get any infections??

I kept attmepting to nurse it with my right foot instead of my hand because the lady that did my pedicure told me that your feet are actually cleaner then your hands. At that point I decided that this was something that I got from the Zi Spa.

Next, we stop and pick up a random house cleaner looking lady that asks me what's wrong. I tell her and she STICKS HER FINGER IN MY LEG!???? To which I preceed to FREAK out on her!

What the HECK are you thinking!!?? WHY would you do that!? Seriously!? What is wrong with you!?

So...she's gone and now we're at the hospital. But it's not a hospital. It's a gym and we're waiting for the idiot drivers girlfriend to be done with her step class! Seriously!? Now I sit and contemplate life without my leg. Tell people that I keep thinking this is a dream.

After we finally get on the road again, I somehow figured out that I wasn't "awake" before and my leg is fine again.

We ended up in a little A-frame house with a big, huge loft tree house! The girl that lived there kept making the roof cave in. I, again, freaked out and she asured me that it "did that all the time."

I stood on this loose ladder, pulled on a string and was lifted into the tree house. There was a little boy reading Harry Potter and drinking a cherry slushie that I REALLY wanted to take a drink of, but thought against it because i didn't know him.

Then, i woke up. :)

GO WISH Naughty Girl


naughtygirl said...

interesting dream. and why didnt you have too much fun. thats the best fun to have!!

millennium hippies said...

oh i love dreams like that!! i love when people try to explain things in your dream and they don't make any sense AT ALL. that was so fun to read, i was laughing, thanks for sharing!!

KV said...

I agree with naughtygirl! You're young, cute, and single...go have fun!!!!

Humor Girl said...

It's school!!? lol

Muley said...

That dream of yours -- it's so weird, but that's the exact plot of the next Billy Bob Thornton movie. I think Wynona Ryder plays you, and the guy who played Mini Me on Austin Powers plays the ambulance driver. You eventually fall in love with him and he leaves his over-exercised girlfriend for you. The end.

Bekkah said...

Eeeek! Where did that dream come from!?!? That's just as bad as the dream I had a few years back where I was witnessing my own autopsy. I only had it that once, but it creeped me out and definitely stuck with me.

BTW - I'm not a mamma (or a pappa for that matter ;), but I'm VERY happy to hear your #1. That's a big deal for me and it means a lot when I see people respect the importance of a designated driver!!

Marel Lecone said...

OK, just don't drink! hehe That is too crazy of a dream. You poor thing. You woke up tired, right? Hope you sleep more peacefully tonight. peace peace peace :)

Kristen said...

that's like a dream I would have after eating late night Chinese food. LOL

MarylandMommy said...

Too funny! Thanks for the laugh!!!

Chief Slacker said...

Must have been good Vodka in the martini's.. I've noticed the better the liquor, the less the hangover... Glad to hear yours wasn't bad! You probably forgot to shift in the night and your leg went to sleep ;) I always have weird dreams about body parts being hurt and wake up to them having "pins and needles" because i slept funny and they were asleep.