September 18, 2007

iThink iNeed help deciding.....

****** PS Does anyone see that 5 and 6 are jokes?******

I've been searching for a case for my iPhone and am calling in the troops for some iPinions on what iShould get.

Here's what iNeed (fine, I'll stop.):

1. Protection from the phone-eating gremlins who live in my purse and like to scratch pretty, shiny things made by Apple.

2. Protection from what some people call gravity and what I call a conspiracy. Don't you find it odd that something doesn't stay in your lap where you put it!!? Irregardless of whether or not you remain seated!? And haven't you noticed that it ONLY happens when you are getting out of your car onto pavement??

Coincidence? Or CONSPIRACY?

I've never had a phone holder/case before, but I really don't want to ruin my phone. Let me know what you think.

Option 1:

(+): It's discreet, is rubber and absorbs shock, and it has a cool thing on the back where you can wrap your earphones/hands free thingy.

(-): It's kind of bulky when you've got your earphones wrapped up.


(+): It's PINK, is rubber and absorbs shock, and is pink.



(+): Again, it's pink, and is a hard protective case.

(-): Kind of not cute pink, and does the hard case work better then the rubber for absorbing shock?


(+): This is great! I can still use a rubber protector and use this when it's in my purse to protect the face! AND there's somewhere to put my earphones.

(-): I could make something like this easily with a sewing machine. I could also make it in a cool material.


**This is real**

(+): No one will ever steal my case, no one will have the same one, and if I am ever a bridesmaid in 1994, my phone cover will match.

(-): My cellphone and Barbie will get in a knock down drag out fight over who looks better in maroon taffeta, and no one will talk to me if I own this.


**This is real, too**

(+): People can hear me walk into a room because the coins jingle, I can put my phone on vibrate and still hear it ring, I can probably find furniture to match, and if I lose my cell phone- chances are she joined a pack of gypsies and I'll find her at a local barter fair.

(-): My phone will probably join a pack of gypsies and I will have to go searching for her at a local barter fair because you just never know what kind of bad things there are at barter fairs.


Misguided Mommy said...

i vote for #2 the pretty pink one!

Tiffany said...

I like The pink ones. Thanks for stopping by my page yesterday. Havent seen you there in a while.

Tuesday Girl said...

I will always vote for anything pink! : )

Billy said...

Best way to keep your precious from harm is to keep it locked away in a safety deposit box :)

Seriously I have a silicone skin for my SD800 and it works very well. The only draw back is it makes it hard to pull out of the pouch I keep it in on my belt, but if I set it some where it keeps it from slipping around. #2 looks like a good choice because it appears slim enough to allow you to keep it inside #5 and #6 when you undoubtedly add them to your treasured possessions.

alyndabear said...

I like the first one actually, probably because I am anti-pink. ;) *gasp* And I have a rubber case on my Nano and LOVE IT. Doesn't get lost, wedges in nicely and isn't fugly.

Dylan said...

You know... I know a website where you could go to find a case for cheap. :)

I know for a fact there's been stuff like that on the site recently.

Sarcastica said...

My vote is totally Option 2. It's pink and absorbs shocks!

Jeremy said...

either pink ones..

too bad that 5 isn't pink.. you could photoshop it into dad and lisa's wedding photos.

Anonymous said...

haha Jeremy!

Aimee said...

#6 - I believe my grandma already has that in "couch" style. Would you like me to steal a swatch so you can make your own?

I really think you missed the boat when you didn't give us a purple crushed velvet option. with glitter. and sequins. You can NEVER be too shiny.