September 24, 2007

No job. No job. No job.

Ok, so I have a job, but not the one I want.

It's not that i don't LOVE serving ungrateful people's just that, well, I don't love serving ungrateful people food. And there are some choice folks whom I don't especially enjoy working with at the moment.

I want a full time teaching job!?!? Is that too much to ask for?? I'm all kinds of graduated and certified and what-not and I'm pretty certain I should be turning down jobs at this point. Where's the justice?


On a funner note (i know funner is not a word leave me alone) I LOVE me some Rock of Love!!!!

Brett Michaels, from Poison, searched for love in 25 singles on Vh1 and they showed the "what you didn't see" a few weeks ago. He went on a group date with 3 girls and they were in the studio making a song. He wanted to play "butt bongos" on the single because he wanted a sound that no one could recreate. Here is an actual quote from Brett Michaels:

"Yes, I was looking for something organTic, something original. And just like snowflakes, no two smacks on the @$$ ever sound the same."

You are lovely, Brett Michaels.


Jeremy said...

come teach in japan!! You could get hired in a second.

Misguided Mommy said...

ha ha ha! that is funny.

also at the way super very bottom of my page is a music player. and seriously Miami....I bepop to that crap all the time AND NO ONE ELSE GETS feels nice to be understood!