October 19, 2007

I'm just now leaving school..

The guy that was teaching before me was old fashioned to say the
least. Dust EVERYWHERE. Assignments in the most random, unorganized
places... ALL over the room. I completely revamped and I'm pissed I
didnt snap a before pic.


Misguided Mommy said...

omg a night spent organizing that sounds awesome!!! I WOULD LOVE TO ORGANIZE. WAS THERE COLOR CODING INVOLVED?

The Original Baby Rumpster said...

Misguided Mommy obviously doesn't know you so well. Organizing? Color Coding? How about bouts of panic eventually stifled by resignation that you will never finish, followed by a good 30 minutes of texting and searching YouTube?

But that, in no way, diminishes my happiness at your new J-O-B!

Aimee said...

ohhh I want to hear all about the organizey goodness. I, personally, am a color coder. :)

The Original Baby Rumpster said...

Oh God,

D-stain has started, if not a blog-war, at the very least, an opening salvo. I think it might be too juicy to miss.

Love You.

supertiff said...

this is terrible.
i'm bad with numbers, and for a minute i was all 'you don't have to leave for your teaching job until almost noon? maybe i should rethink my decision to not get my certificate! i can get a job at some kind of alternative (not early morning) school!)

then, reality hit.
that clock says 11:27pm.
sweet poop, lady...

but i bet it feels pretty good now, huh?