October 22, 2007

Ready for Monday!

I've crammed 3 weeks worth of "new teacher" prep into 4 days. I'm kicking myself for not taking before pictures of my new room. DUST. DISORGANIZATION.

Let's get started....

Welcome to my room:

Here is the student workstation. Everything is accounted for, so don't be stealin' no pencils, fool, I know where you work!:

Oh no, internet!! What do I do with no money to decorate???

I'll just staple crap (homemade construction paper crap) to the walls!!! Those are the rules that my classes made with their old teacher. Each one is a period...and each period has a COLOR! MORE EXCITING COLOR ORGANIZATION! I swear, 1st period is red and I have a red folder that I put their work in.:

My turn in baskets are UN-labeled...the humanity!

Here's what the kids see:

Here's what I see. Heaven in the form of COLOR COORDINATED TABLES! It took me FOREVER to get the tables right. From the front of the room, I can see ALL of their precious faces:

Let's look closer...

Here is Table A (the orange paper on the floor is where the front desks line up..because I'm all anal like that. Oh yeah, and each desk has a number, too. SO HAPPY!):

This is the lab station for group A:

And these are the goggles for table A, in the drawer for table A, with the orange label for table A!! The goggles were in a huge pile next to boxes of books under tons of dust.:

What's the plan for this week? Well, a make shift schedule box with a half written in schedule, I'll say!

Here's my computer. It's good to see that Dell and I are talking again. We had a major falling out after he decided to go all crazy on me and put any letters he wanted to when I typed. Conveniently right in the middle of a term paper. Now, if i were Dell, I'd be just fine after someone spilled a glass of water into my keys:

My desk... You people of the familial variety best reconize yo self? You know I gots ta see you on the regular!

Ok. Must. Sleep.


Anonymous said...

That is so great! You will do a wonderful job!

Billy said...

Looks like everything is go for launch! Great job whipping everything into shape!

Misguided Mommy said...


Jinx! Double Jinx! Now, lick my balls! said...

soooooo, just had to make me look bad in front of misguided mommy with all your fucking color coding, huh? Well, thanks a lot. I guess next you'll go deleting Captain Happy from your MySpace. You really are on a roll.

Oh, and I couldn't help but notice we have a pep rally on Friday??? I'm sure if you asked me, I could see if I was gonna be busy or not.

Oh, and happy Monday. Love you lots.

Jeremy said...

That was fun.

Misguided Mommy said...

neener neener JINX!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

It looks wonderful! Very organized.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the organizational skills! you're a chip off the ol Step you, Lis

Anonymous said...

PS love the airport Gardetto's pic...haha!! Lis