October 22, 2007

Possibly the funniest person ever

I worked with this guy named Eric and we used to make fun of people who were really country. We'd spend whole shifts talking like trailer trash. Here is a letter I just received from him on myspace. I laugh harder every time I read it:

Ya'll stop making Bobbi Dale mad!!!!! Stopit Now!!

Dear Lurlene Marie and Cecil,

Yall best not let meemaw know that Bobby Dale farted in line at Luby's after the cornbread festival last Sundee. Yall been spreadin it around like honey butter all over yalls myspaces yall. I know yall told Peepaw it was the steamed collard greens the little oriental lady put in the winda' , but he aint stupid. He's just blind as a rooster. He can smell yall.

Love yall,

Billy Don

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marrie said...

This is so funny to me, I have a cousin named Jim Bob and a Great Grandma who told me that morning sickness was "God's way of turning the baby" before the baby could move. Being born and raised on the West Coast, I have been driven crazy by the way my mom starts to speak when she gets on the phone with our family in the South. Plus, I called my Grandma "Bad MeeMaw" until I was 10 because my Dad told me that was her name (she was my Mom's Mom).