February 16, 2009

70 Hour Work Week in the Cuuuuuntry

Upon leaving my final shift on Saturday, through unadulterated sobs, I asked M&M (my fiance) to add up the hours that I worked. 70. 70 hours, 4,200 minutes, or 252,o00 seconds of WOOOORK. Why so many hours? Good question... I decided to whore myself out to every opportunity for extra cash and it ALL came in one week. The final waitressing shift on Saturday was the piece of kindling that snapped my spine like twig. The cherry on my Headache Sundae was the engagement pictures scheduled for the Sunday at the end of my MURDEROUS week.


So, I'm not sure if I've ever told you about the city I work in. It's a Cuuuuuuntry town and in the words of reading rainbow, you don't have to take my word for it....

Exhibit A: These are pocket knives on sale for $7 at the local gas station that has a connecting door with Grandy's....

Exhibit B: In the plastic cases, there are watches for sale at the same gas station. :) These watches are blingin. Also, there are fancy rings... All for under $20...Christmas is coming.

Exhibit C: That is a Dorrito Purse. I can't talk about what's wrong with this...

In the city I work in, there's a Subway. And a Dairy Queen. And a Grandy's. The nearest grocery store is 15 minutes on the highway. But we have 2 dollar stores. Seriously.

Ok, enough... Among other fabulocities on Valentine's Day, my fiance did this for me on the driveway.. heeee. :)

That is why no post.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, that is hysterical! At first I was like, oh that's not so bad. Then the purse. And the guy behind her. Is that a painted sweatshirt!!!!?