February 04, 2009

To the LAME WAD who stole my paper.

Dear Persons Responsible,

Printing 50 copies of the "Find the Tone Words word search By Ronnie, Haley, and Justin," and not coming with paper to the printer in the teachers' lounge to get them, could be considered laaaaaaaaaaame (say that in slow motion for effect)

Something else that could be considered laaaaaaaame is an innocent person printing to said printer at 7:21pm, just to realize they didn't have enough paper....TWICE (seriously I had to go get paper twice, ya'll- say that like Britney Spears cause I'm in the mood for that.) Then they stole some paper from Mrs. K's room just to finish the ridiculous print job. (PS Mrs. K, I borrowed paper)

Sincerely Yours,
School Paper Lender Extraordinaire

PS You owe me 50 pieces of paper, you know, like, whenever..... :)

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Anonymous said...

I hate when that happens!