July 06, 2007


Well, I didn't get the job.

Back to square one.

With no prospects and a waiting job that ain't paying the bills and I really hate that I have no prospects. I know everything will work out and there's "a job out there for me" but come on!! To the person who has NO patience for anything!?!??


So I guess I will do a meme. Not really sure why they call it that, but I'll do it. BUT I'll do it in installments when I'm bored. I found "43 Little Known Facts About (Insert Name)" over at Slackermama because she is awesome and her blog is beautiful and i want to steal her layout and design that she did herself!!

43 Little Known Facts about HUMOR GIRL

Uhhh... No, I think Jen was a default name in the 80's.

When I was puking 2 nights ago. Not from drinking btw.

3. Do you like your handwriting?
Sometimes, but I'm lazy and it usually sucks and is not legible.

Ham... but I usually eat turkey. Why is that?

No, and I'm not married either!?! Thanks for rubbing it in!


I will now spend the rest of the day wallowing in my sorrow and may drink wine and make bomb threats or something. Either that or Tivo. Or maybe I should use this opportunity to reflect and better myself and create new job prospe--- OH SHUT UP AND PASS ME THAT GLASS.


Aimee said...

Good news is, you have no kids! (I hear ya on the married thing though) ACK!

I'll send good job prospect thoughts your way. :) Hang in there. Or move over and find me a drink! heehee

Nicole said...

Sorry about the job. That really sucks. :(

alyndabear said...

Bugger on the job front, dear. :( But chin up! There will be more, promise!

*sigh* I'm with you on the marriage thing too. We need a support group or something.

BlackOps said...

I told you already,!!

Jeninacide said...

OMG Yay you're a JEN too! I am convinced that all of us will soon take over le world.


Anonymous said...

You are seriously a funny writer. I love your writing.

You should write sitcoms for a living. They probably don't get tips, but I'm sure they are paid more than waitresses. And you can say "I'm not really a waitress".

And then you can sleep your way to the top and then you won't have to worry about getting married. At least until you are at the top and then you can just buy your husband and children.

See, it all works out!

Great, now I want another job....

Mr. Althouse said...

I have kids... slightly used and I would consider renting them or perhaps some kind of lease-yo-own option. They're already housebroken... fully self-contained except for one teensy little detail - they need jobs!

inquire within...

Michele sent me,


gautami tripathy said...

You got an attitude. I like that.

You are allowed a luittle drink now and than.

Michele sent me here so that I can hug you virtually!


Michele said...

May I just borrow number five and write: Ditto what Humor Girl said, because really, that would have also been my answer.

aka_Monty said...

With TiVo, wine, and bombthreats, you really can't go wrong. :)

Sorry about the job thing--as a former waitress I sympathize.
Did I mention that my long stint in customer service has really made me dislike people a LOT? hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen it's your big brother. Don't worry too much about your job stuff. Some free advice:

(1) have you checked craigslist or other interesting places on the web for jobs? You might find a quirky teaching-type gig instead of waiting tables, maybe an after-school program deal or something while you wait! I found one of my two attorney jobs on craigslist

(2) Have you set a schedule to work on your career BS? It helps some people to set a time and really stick to it. Maybe you could try twice a week for an hour? The trick is to start doing it; I won't stop usually if I just start.

(3) If I were you I would call Superintendants of schools in the area and just say you want to have lunch with them to discuss what it takes to be a teacher in their district. Sound cheesy? You'd be surprised how many people love to talk about themselves and the vision that they have to improve the quality of teaching, blah, blah, blah. If you don't have prospects, get busy making contacts! Also, call the teacher's union and ask to meet somebody high up in that org.

Hope my advice helps. I love you and can't wait for your career to take off!