July 02, 2007

Tis what happens when you loan someone your car.

My family moved to Colorado last month and needed something to do with my sisters car.

They found something to do with the car.

Here is said car:

The something they found was my sisters bestfriend. She needed a car for the summer. She's not great at driving a stick and we've got the proof.


Also, these little lizard things are everywhere! And they ain't camera shy neither.

One more random picture.

We found this spider web at my friends house!

We threw a moth into it and within 4 seconds the spider was wrapping it into a cocoon.

Now, hold the phone PETA! I didn't throw the moth and i was against it.. but it's all in the name of science.


alyndabear said...

Hey, your post is all about the insects today.

[The poor bug!]

That lizard is gorgeous... spider, not so gorgeous...

WhatUpThen said...

Hey, Humor Girl! It's been a long time! I can't even imagine how you ran across my blog again. Anyway, it's nice to see you're becoming a fellow teach. Good luck with the student teaching and remember, the kids LOVE you...even if they don't listen to a thing you say!

OTRgirl said...

Poor moth.

Poor bug. The car, that is! Your sister must be heartbroken.

Memphis Steve said...

Oooh, sorry to hear about your sister's car!

Carmi said...

So THAT'S what happens when a beetle gets crushed. Painful! Glad she lived to tell the tale, even if she sucked as a driver.

This is why I've never loaned my car to anyone. It's a trust thing: I have none of it when it comes to all things automotive.