October 12, 2005


Ok, this stupid paper is FINALLY finished. Here's a recap starting at about 33o this morning.

330am: FINISHED PAPER! Angels singing.

332am: That's funny, it won't save.

333am: That's less funny, NOTHING will open.

334am: Awesome let me try to save it to my USB Stick.

335am: EVERYTHING WIPED OFF OF USB STICK. Including old version of paper. Could be royally whipped!

336am: Reboot Computer. NOTHING.

337am: am royally whipped.

9:30am: Freaking out to teacher. She appears to understand, but I feel like she thinks I'm lying!!? Like those times when you forget your ID and the JERK lady at the fair looks at you like you're some PUNK kid trying to scam and buy beer! Cause, hey, this is the fair.

9:34am: Dad saves the day! ALL IS GREAT

300pm: Get home from school and only half my paper saved.


Thanks to Billy, I now give you a more accurate picture of what I looked like last night. :) Thank you!


Sheri said...

Ugh...bad memories. when I was in college one of my "friends" stole my term paper from my car the day it was due. I had to beg the professor for an extension, he eventually gave me TWO days to finish a paper and research that had taken two months, and then said "But I won't give you anything higher than a C no matter how good it is."

Mmm...hmmmm...still bitter about that one.

KV said...

Nice job Billy ;-)

KV said...

Hey Billy,
I have an image on Photoshop that has a blue background. How can I replace the blue with a transparent background?

Billy said...

KV yes but in order for it to remain transparent it has to be saved as a photoshop file. When you save it as a JPEG it has a default white background.

KV said...

That's fine. I'll keep it as a photoshop file. So how do I do it?

Billy said...

You can use the magic wand tool and select the blue. You can use the select color option. Or my personal favorite you can use the pen tool.
How big is the image? If it is under 2megs send it to me and I will attempt the surgery myself.

KV said...

I'm about to send you an email in a few hours Billy. Thanks!

Humor Girl said...

lol...this is great! i love that my comment section has become a chat room! How awesome.

jennyonthespot said...

Oh the memories... 199(shhhh). I used my friend's computer. Naive' me didn't know one was supposed to save as you go... a 15 page paper. 3:30 am. Must be a popular hour for total defeat!

Fortunately, I knew that if the paper was C- or below, I could do a re-write. So... I went back to my "able to correct one line at a time" typewriter and pounded out 15 pages of disconnected garbage until 8. Funny thing, I got a C- (it was F worthy I thought), and was able to rewrite the whole thing. I got an A-, but would have bee an A if it hadn't been a rewrite!

KV said...

Billy you did an amazing job. Thank you soooo much. I owe you one!

thanks for hosting this chat room ;-)

Applewhite said...

I love the pic...You're hot